Astrological Ramblings

Ahhhh, the 4th House! Another of my favorite house’s of the chart to dive into. You can learn a lot about the psyche of a person by dissecting the 4th House in their Natal Chart, and not superficial stuff, either. This house is typically assigned the keywords and phrases such as “The Home” (both early home life and now) ,” “The Mother” (or the Father, depending on the astrologer), “One’s Roots,” “The Family,” and “Private Life” (especially private since the Imum Coeli/I.C., typically the 4th House Cusp, is the most private place in the entire chart). I find this house to be all of those things, but especially what exactly home is to the native; the concept of home in general and how it can be different things for different people. (Things such as the 4th House ruler, planets in the 4th House, aspects made to the House, etc gives a better idea of how to answer that question). We are so conditioned to believe in home the same exact way; what to want, what to “need,” but these conditioned wants and needs aren’t necessarily what the individual truly needs, wants, or feels comfortable living in. Most of these concepts that we as people have of the idea of what home actually is stem from our early home life. Depending on what sign rules as guardian of your 4th House will color how exactly you express the energy of the house. Someone who has the 4th House in Aquarius possibly […]


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