I always get asked questions about Lilith from clients. Not only that though, but I’m constantly seeing questions about Lilith on the different forums that I creep on & answer questions. “How does she effect my life?” “What does it mean to have Lilith in Libra in the 6th House?” “What does it mean that she’s in conjunction with my Midheaven?” “Does having Lilith in the 8th make me a fucked up bitch?” These are just a few examples of questions that I’ve either received myself or just seen posted different places. I think before you can really understand HOW Lilith effects your life by placement in the natal chart, it is important to not only understand who Lilith was, but also to make sure that you know which Lilith you’re talking about; the asteroid Lilith, Black Moon Lilith, TRUE Black Moon Lilith or Dark Moon Lilith. For the purposes of this blog post, I will be focusing primarily on Black Moon Lilith (circled in Red below). From my own chart, here is an example of what these look like in one’s chart.

Asteroid Lilith (circled in purple) in Leo the 9th House, Black Moon Lilith (circled in red) in the 8th House in Leo, True Black Moon Lilith (circled in pink) in Cancer in the 7th, and Dark Moon Lilith (circled in Green) in the 4th House in Aries.

Black Moon Lilith is what will usually come up for the “Lilith” option on a website like Astro.com. (If you happen to want to see where the other Lilith’s fall in your chart, Asteroid Lilith is h13, and Dark Moon Lilith/Waldemath’s Moon is h58.) So, if you use Astro.com at all to create charts, Black Moon Lilith is probably the version of Lilith that you are most familiar with. And this version, circled in Red in the above example, bring together the True and Mean versions of Lilith. Black Moon Lilith isn’t an actual object in the sky, but is the apogee of the Moon’s orbit…meaning this is the place in the Moon’s orbit that is furthest from the Earth. This sort of empty-void-hypothetical-point is a place where one can do “good” or do “bad.” They can take Lilith’s intuitive and psychic energy and use to it to connect to “the other side” (and connect that other side to themselves) in a positive way, or in a negative way.

As far as the story of Lilith goes, supposedly she was created from the earth to be the wife of Adam (at the same time as Adam), before Eve. Adam wanted Lilith to be submissive to him, specifically sexually, and wanted to fuck her with him on top, and only him on top. Lilith wasn’t having any of this bullshit; she wanted the relationship to be more equal in nature and wanted to fuck in various different positions. Adam didn’t like this (and I guess God didn’t like it much, either) because it is said that she either grew some wings and flew away from that paradise prison, or that she was cast out by God for being a disobedient bad girl towards Adam. Her job was to be Adam’s bitch, and she didn’t want to play ball. It is at this point, once she is either cast out of the Garden of Eden or chooses to leave on her own, that she turns to the darker side of things (such as hooking up with and fucking some demons and having demon babies which are then killed, turning into a snake, and actually killing children). Or so the mythology says depending on what version you read. Who really knows? I DO think she gets a bad rep though (she probably doesn’t usually mind this). While I believe her energy absolutely can manifest in more challenging ways in one’s natal chart (such as obsession and the “darker” sides of sex), I also believe that she can represent wild and uninhibited freedom and/or sexuality from oppression. This isn’t a bad thing for a person to embrace, it just depends on how it is embraced. She represents the sort of “nasty woman” energy (or whatever you want to call it) that more patriarchal societies don’t want to see in their countrywomen….and if they actually had their way, would probably try and do away with completely. But that’s another rant for another time.

*As far as how Black Moon Lilith expresses herself, you will find that below with an explanation of BML in Libra through Pisces. This is will only show the HOW of how she expresses herself through the sign in question. You will also need to look at the house your BML falls in to know WHERE/WHAT AREA OF LIFE she expresses herself through, as well as taking into account any aspects that she makes in your chart.*

Black Moon Lilith in Libra: BML is all about expressing herself wildly & independently, but in the sign of Libra, there could be some difficulty in merging these qualities with Libra’s need for balance, harmony, and partnerships. These people are very adapt at getting what they want through diplomatic means, but it usually isn’t just for the sake of diplomacy on it’s own and more self-serving (though she is good at hiding this). They can also out-charm just about anyone. In personal relationships, which are important to her here in Libra, sex can be all consuming in both thought and action, which can then make these partnerships feel a little lopsided. Being physically attractive (whatever that is to the person), feeling physically attractive, and presenting yourself a certain way are important to her here….but Lilith has more depth to her than this superficial shit and will eventually rebel against Libra if she isn’t allowed to express herself. Swinging the scales so far into the superficial realms to try and keep Lilith under control will only backfire here. She needs to be able to really express herself, and through partnerships this is extremely important. Acknowledge your darker side and desires, learn to make piece with them (and not just tolerate them), so it doesn’t come busting out, causing a bunch of disharmony and strife. The way that this manifests in her life will depend on the house that Lilith falls in along with aspects that she makes.

Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio: BML here in Scorpio needs to be able to express her sexuality (which may or may not be of the different and/or “darker” sort of variety, but it is definitely “heavy”), along with being able to transcend, evolve, and have deep emotional experiences. Sex is important to her here, but she will fully embrace this side of herself recognizing that it is just a natural part of who she is. Having intense emotional experiences are also important to Lilith here; she will take things/her feelings to extremes (to the limit) in order to have these intense and deep experiences. What type of experiences she’s driven to have here will be better understood by house placement and any aspects she makes. She will be driven towards the taboo and the intense, though some of the things she gets herself into may not always be the healthiest or safest situations (especially on the more extreme ends of this spectrum). There are also themes of power and control that she wants to transcend beyond, but this may prove difficult. This power and control could have to do with her needing to hold on to her own power tightly, or having power and control over others (especially sexually/in relationships). She may also have the tendency to attract others that operate the same way (which may or may not be a good thing). You will need to learn to let go of some of that need for control. Besides all of that, there is something sort of magical about this placement, with the person having the natural inclination towards “magic” (however you want to think of that). In this placement, it really is a toss up as to how she will use to her powers.

Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius: BML in Sagittarius needs to be able to roam, expand her mind, and to explore in a wild and uninhibited way. She also needs to be allowed to BELIEVE in things in the same way (and to have something to believe in). The issue here is WHAT is chosen as a belief here and treated as dogma. This one has the ability to become quite rigid in their personal dogma once they have formulated it, and this could be anything of the philosophical/spiritual/metaphysical variety (and may actively expand on this belief even if it has been flat out disproven). Actually, it could even be the complete absence of any sort of belief in anything that could also be the case here, such as someone who doesn’t believe in the “rule of law” and just goes around breaking the law for shits and giggles (and I bring up the concept of “law” specifically since Sagittarius does naturally rule over this). As far as sex goes, this one wants to have a good time and expand on these carnal delights and probably doesn’t think that too much is “right” or “wrong” in this regard (this one tends not to be repressed sexually, unless their personal dogma goes against sex in some way….which….it usually doesn’t). Really, you can think of her as Dr. Goodtimes, but sometimes these “goodtimes” can be taken to excess, or be a detriment to her and/or other people. Freedom is a big deal with her here in Sagittarius, and the less personal freedom that she feels she has to explore, to expand, and to roam, the more likely the negative traits will come out to play. How she will express herself in Sagittarius will, of course, have a lot to do with everything else going on in the chart.

Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn: BML in Capricorn really has a firm grasp on her own sense of authority and actually does need this to function well. Some might even use the term “cold hard bitch” to describe this placement, for this one doesn’t play games (she’s not really a cold hard bitch, but she does play one on TV). She’s actually more emotional than she would ever really let on, but somewhere along her life she learns that it’s for the best that you push your emotions to the side in the more public spheres of life. Maybe she was fucked around one too many times in this regard and/or taken advantage of. So she learned to adjust and really lean in to her own sense of personal authority. While this placement can actually go really far in life, this aspect can also become a sort of autocrat wanting absolute dominion over all of her subjects. How she chooses to use this personal authority will depend on the house that she falls in and the aspects that are made. As far as sex goes, what goes on here in this regard could be completely restricted, such as she feels like there are better and more important things to focus on than fucking for fun (or for any reason). It’s this very sexual repression that could swing her in direction of the more autocratic ways of wielding authority. If she isn’t sexually repressed, she’s probably more of a dominant type. Hand Lilith here a whip (or ties, chains, etc)…she’ll easily know what to do.

Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius: BML in Aquarius has always seemed sort of awkward to me. While she isn’t repressed in regards to her sexuality, she doesn’t tend to do the “feeling” thing as well on a personal level, and can come off as more mechanical in nature. Sex for her may be to specifically try out something new or bizarre, for the sake of the new and the bizarre. Sex is also probably a fluid thing, and since Aquarius is more androgynous by nature, she probably is more likely than some other BML placements to not care as much about the sex/gender of the people she bones. She will probably have some pretty far out and electric hopes and wishes, forcing her to either stay more inside her head and watch them play out, or actually try and bring these to fruition in real life. If she chooses the later path, she can end up being a revolutionary of sorts in her own right. If she ends up down this path, she could end up with people following her lead (even if she didn’t ask to be put in this position). What matters is how she handles all of this, which would be shown by taking the entire chart into consideration. Does she use her electric mind to tap into the collective conscious in a positive way, or in a negative way (something this placement has the ability to do very well, with Aquarius being rather psychic itself and very in-tune with the collective consciousness)? Does the detachment from emotion and fluidity that she may feel sexually help or hinder her cause? Only the rest of the chart can tell.

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces: BML is Pisces is kind of like the “dream weaver;” she has big dreams and really has the ability to get caught up in these dreams. As long as what she’s dreaming of is of the positive variety, this uninhibited ability to reach for the stars can serve her very well in allowing her to make her own dreams come true. The downside here tends to deal with the unrealistic nature of some of these dreams, and even the ability to con herself and/or con other people, sort of playing the role of “lord of illusions.” She can spin a very good tale for other people if she needs too, and for her to help herself make it through the day. Help making it through the day is another thing that speaks here, since Lilith in Pisces may find the world too hard and ugly to deal with on a day to day basis. This could lead her down a path towards trying to escape this ugliness with proclivities towards addictions (and this could be any sort of addiction, but specifically those of the substance variety). Sex could also end up being a sort of escape for her, but sex for the sake of escape will leave her feeling empty and even more self-sacrificing. She needs to turn all of her intuition (this placement is highly intuitive) towards actually helping others in the physical reality and not just spinning them stories that are nothing more than illusions. She really shines here when she allows herself do this. The different ways that this placement could manifest would, again, depend on house placement and aspects made.

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