Questions that I get asked often have to do with mental illnesses/mental differences/learning differences, and if I’m able to see things like that in the natal chart. The answer to this particular question is yes and no. The natal chart is like a blueprint of possibilities for the person (and the soul) in this lifetime. Just because something “difficult” shows up in one’s natal chart regarding mental illness, learning differences, or anything really, doesn’t necessarily mean that the person will ever manifest that particular difficult or different energy into reality. Though, if the propensity *is* there for mental illness or learning differences to occur, whether or not it actually occurs depends on a number of factors (such as biology, environment, and nurturing), as well as heavier transits hitting the aspect in question, thus activating it. Since I am specifically talking about mental illnesses/mental differences, square aspects made between The Sun and Uranus and The Sun and Neptune can cause specific types of issues having to do with anxiety and addictions/paranoia. (Pluto Square the Sun is another big one, but I will cover that one in another post). This is a trend that I have noticed time and time again, and I suppose the part of me that finds mental health and psychology fascinating wanted to discuss it 
***As a disclaimer, I am in no way, shape, or form saying that people automatically have mental issues by default when they have these harder aspects in their natal charts. I’m only saying that the possibility could exist of something like axiety occurring in their life if one of these aspects is in the natal chart of the person. Just want to make that part really, really clear.***

Sun Square Uranus: With the Sun squaring Uranus, you have the life force (one’s sun) in constant tension with the independent rebel, Uranus. These people tend to want to live life on their own terms, to the beat of their own drummer, and in the fullest, most electric way possible. These people, never wanting to be ordinary, will buck tradition every chance they get; sometimes this is because they really want to revolt against whatever tradition is in question, and sometimes this is because they just want to go against the grain. Because of this, these natives may have a tendency of rubbing people the wrong way (especially the more traditional and conservative types). The tension in this aspect’s case isn’t the aspect itself necessarily, but what do with the tension caused by the aspect. Because of all the natural tension here of wanting to do things their own way (and they very much get off on being “different” and “shocking”), if for some reason these people feel that they can’t be their true selves, things like anxiety can pop up in spades. It’s the type of erratic and anxious energy that will absolutely radiate from their very being…..and once that sort of energy starts up in the person, it can have a kind of snowball effect. There may also be a feeling of being so “different’ that the person feels “against the world” in some way. The best way to keep any possible anxiety from creeping in (or keeping that snowballing effect from happening if anxiety has already creeped into the native’s life), is to refocus yourself. Accept the natural tension with this aspect as part of your makeup. Get out of situations that don’t feel authentic to you (if you can), and live as authentically as you can. And focus that tension not in a “me against the world” way, but towards something truly meaningful to you (like some sort of cause that means something to you).

Sun Square Neptune: With this aspect, you have the life force (Sun) in constant tension with dreamy, creative, and confusing/foggy Neptune. This particular aspect can cause some real problems with the self-esteem of the person, and the possibility of always feeling like a victim (or actually possibly being one). While those in and of themselves aren’t mental illnesses/differences, what can manifest because of them are. Things like addiction as a way of escaping the natural tension that the native feels because of this particular aspect (especially if there are other “hard” aspects to either of these planets). Who wants to constantly feel like they are being picked on, or treated badly? I get it, escape is a comforting idea here. Substances in general can be a slippery slope here; addiction tends to come on fast and easy with these people, and they also have a higher possibility than many to end up poisoned in some way from some sort of substance (since Neptune rules over things like poisons and the sun is the actual life force). Another thing Neptune does here in the Square with the Sun is cloud things (and lie). Neptune could cause one to believe some creative things that aren’t true about themselves and their reality (and the natural stress this aspect gives off could cause them to believe them). Telling the native things about the self, such as the native is worthless and the native will always be a victim, and these sorts of thoughts could turn into paranoid thinking at the furthest end of the spectrum. The best way to combat mental differences that may stem from this particular aspect is to really embrace your creativity and throw yourself into it. There is a hell of a lot of creative energy here, and if one can put all that tension into something productive in this way, they can help to release a lot of that stress.

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