In this post, we will take the House that the North Node falls in out of the equation and just focus on what it means to have your North Node in a specific sign (and what it means to have the South Node in the polarity sign). Usually with things having to do with the Nodal Axis (and growing into our North Node), a catalyst occurs in our lives that edges us out of the comfort of the South Node and into the uncharted territory of the North. This catalyst could be something major and life changing (such as a death, marriage, or divorce), or even something much more minor. Something will kind of shake us internally, saying “Wake up, fucker. You’re supposed to move beyond this,” whatever the “this” in the situation is. Once this waking up occurs, you will begin to move towards the North Node. Though, in all my years of study, this period of waking up usually doesn’t occur until the person’s first Saturn Return, or after it.

North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra – Your mission in this lifetime by sign is to focus on the concept of yourself, and who you really are. This placement suggests your soul wanting to grow into a more independent and pioneering spirit, and going after the things that you want in life because YOU want them. Of course, the North Node is never very comfortable for the native, and this may feel an unnatural way for you Aries North Node people to operate. With Libra on the South Node, there have probably been many past lives where you spent your time (or even your whole life) behind the scenes supporting someone else’s visions, dreams and goals. You still act as a source of support for those around you, and are generally just a kind person. You naturally don’t like to rock the boat or make waves, opting instead for harmonic surroundings (even at the expense of yourself and what you want, what you believe, and what you feel). The “Other” and what they want, what they believe, and what they feel will take center stage. Now, there is nothing wrong with caring about others (totally not saying that!) and how they feel, but NOT at the expense of your own feelings. This is generally a lesson that these people were incarnated to figure out and something in their lives that happens will generally set this in motion; how to no longer rely on the lens of the “other” to see themselves, and instead to see themselves through their own eyes, and on their own terms.

North Node in Libra/South Node in Aries – On the opposite end of the spectrum from the North Node Aries person, in this lifetime the Libra North Node native’s soul wanted to evolve into a more “other focused” state of being. This person’s soul wanted to learn how to be that really great support system for others behind the scenes, leaving the “I” focused Aries and moving into the “We” focus of Libra. In probably many past lifetimes, the Libra North Node person probably spent their lives very independently (in the Aries South Node), doing exactly what they wanted, when they wanted, and probably didn’t care much what anyone else thought about it. There probably wasn’t a real interest or reason to cultivate real meaningful relationships (possibly for survival reasons), so while they may not completely understand another person’s perspective in this lifetime or appear to have an interest in doing so, they DO understand themselves completely; the relationship to the self was the one that was nurtured in past lives. Something in this lifetime will usually happen to these people that forces them to realize that while it’s wonderful to understand and rely on yourself, you also need other people (sometimes, anyway) in your life. Life is usually easier with other people, or at least a few special people that you really connect with.



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