Chiron (the wounded healer) in the natal chart shows where our source of deepest wounding is in our lives. This wounding usually occurs during one’s childhood (what are supposed to be the happiest days of our lives have a tendency to fuck us up the worst), and it is a deep wound that never quite heals itself completely or correctly. Ironically enough, we are usually quite skilled at healing and helping OTHER people in the very way that we ourselves are wounded……we just have a hard time helping and healing ourselves. This all goes back to Chiron in mythology. The quick and dirty version of events goes as follows: Chiron is wounded by Hercules on accident with arrows coated in Hydra blood, and the wounds made by these arrows caused wounds that would never totally heal (and were quite painful). Chiron being immortal (a product of rape (his first wounding) and the offspring of Kronos and Philyra) meant that he could never die, but those wounds from the arrows would also never heal. Chiron wasn’t able to be released from his wounds until he took the place of Prometheus. Prometheus was chained to a rock by Zeus for his crime and had his liver eaten by an eagle daily, his liver then healed, and the bird would come back the next day to start the process over. By taking Prometheus’ place, Chiron was then made mortal and was finally able to die and be released from his wounds.
……yeah, a depressing fucking story. Good news is that it doesn’t take death to release us of from our Chiron wounding in this lifetime. Just like in the mythology of Chiron taking one for the team for Prometheus, the way to handle and heal our own Chiron is to help other people that find themselves in similar sorts of circumstances of where we ourselves our wounded. The only way to work our Chiron out is work THROUGH it, and the best way to work through it is by helping and healing someone/something else.

Chiron in the First House: Chiron here in the 1st house causes the native’s wounding to have something to do with their concept of the self. This person may not feel completely comfortable in their own body, with their own characteristics and traits. Self-esteem, independence,aggression, and drive can all be lacking in some capacity (and usually also damaged or suppressed in some way). There can also be wounding regarding the natives physical appearnace, such as being unhappy with the way they look due to some real or imagined difference physically. There can also be a history of actual wounding that happened to the native’s physical body by way of accident, another person, or even the native themselves. Chiron in the 1st makes whatever is sounding to the person very apparent to other people and to the native themselves (nothing “hides” easily in the 1st house, unless there is something different going on with this house, like an intercepted house). The wounding that is very much wrapped up in their sense of self somehow can leave them an open target for bullies and other assholes. These people are usually very good at building up other people’s self-esteem though, and possibly even standing up for people who find themselves in a similar wounding-boat as the native. By operating this way, the native is able to help themselves with healing their own concepts of the self.

Chiron in the Second House: Chiron here in the natal chart will cause some kind of wounding dealing with the native’s personal possessions (or lack of), with their values and value system (or lack of), and with their security (or lack of). Especially security. In childhood (because this wounding probably stems from here), the native may have felt that their lives weren’t secure in some way. The aspects that Chiron makes in one’s chart will give you a better idea of the way this insecurity manifested. (Maybe their home life was unreliable? Maybe they were’t secure in their relationships with their parents in some way?) This insecurity could very easily stem from a lack of money in the family in childhood and lack personal possessions that could be afforded for the native. This lack of personal possessions could’ve been necessities that the native actually needed but the family couldn’t afford (such as proper fitting coat in winter), or it could’ve just been things that the native really wanted but couldn’t have due to them being too expensive (such as wanting a new coat, but having to wear a hand-me-down because the family couldn’t afford a new option). Because of the stuff mentioned before, this could cause some screwiness with the native’s value system, placing too high of a premium on money and “things.” A good way to work through Chiron here in the 2nd is to give things and money to other people in some way (people that find themselves in situations similar to those you were in during childhood). By helping others with even less than yourself, you will help to heal your own wounds.

Chiron in the Third House: Chiron in the 3rd House has to do with a deep wounding typically revolving around communication, the way the native learns/the mind, and possibly even the native’s siblings and early school experience. There could’ve been some kind of difference in the way that the native processed the information that they learned in school, which could’ve been a source of problems and pain for the person (especially if parents and teachers were always on the native’s ass about not learning and thinking like “everyone else.”) I’m not even talking about a “learning disability” here (that would be better seen by the aspects made by Chiron in the 3rd to Mercury)……I just mean someone who thinks, processes, and learns things differently than other people. The native may have also been a shy child who didn’t easily speak up or speak their opinions regularly. Maybe the person was derided and bullied by siblings and teachers when they tried to communicate, or maybe there was an actual physical reason that communication didn’t happen as easily for the native. A person with Chiron here would probably make a good teacher themselves(elementary-high school is 3rd House territory). In a position like this, they would be able to care for their students and nurture their minds, learning, and communication in a way that theirs were not.

Chiron in the Fourth House: With Chiron falling in a person’s 4th house, the deep wounding here tends to revolve around their family & home (the one they were born into), their roots & ancestry, and the most private parts of themselves. There can be a lot of trauma and wounding concerning the way the native was raised and with the family that they were raised by. This trauma and wounding could’ve even started before you were aware enough to realize what was going on around you, but still consciously absorbing all the strife disharmony around you and putting it in a deep pocket of your consciousness. There could’ve been a lot of turmoil in the early home environment, from watching pain and discord occur between your parents/caregivers, to your family life not feeling secure in some way, to actually being separated from or abandoned by your parents/caregivers (or one of them) for some reason. Different aspects made to Chiron here will give you a better idea of what kind of turmoil existed, and why. These wounds connected to early family & home life can spill over into the home & family that the native tries to create for themself when the time comes for that. If the time ever comes for that; someone with Chiron in this house may completely try to go a different way than the typical family due to their own upbringing being so difficult. These people have a lot of empathy though, and this empathy would be best served towards something like helping children that have grown up in difficult circumstances similar to their own. By helping those that are going through what they have lived through, they will be able help to heal themselves.

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