Chiron (the wounded healer) in the natal chart shows where our source of deepest wounding is in our lives. This wounding usually occurs during one’s childhood (what are supposed to be the happiest days of our lives have a tendency to fuck us up the worst), and it is a deep wound that never quite heals itself completely or correctly. Ironically enough, we are usually quite skilled at healing and helping OTHER people in the very way that we ourselves are wounded……we just have a hard time helping and healing ourselves. This all goes back to Chiron in mythology. The quick and dirty version of events goes as follows: Chiron is wounded by Hercules on accident with arrows coated in Hydra blood, and the wounds made by these arrows caused wounds that would never totally heal (and were quite painful). Chiron being immortal (a product of rape (his first wounding) and the offspring of Kronos and Philyra) meant that he could never die, but those wounds from the arrows would also never heal. Chiron wasn’t able to be released from his wounds until he took the place of Prometheus. Prometheus was chained to a rock by Zeus for his crime and had his liver eaten by an eagle daily, his liver then healed, and the bird would come back the next day to start the process over. By taking Prometheus’ place, Chiron was then made mortal and was finally able to die and be released from his wounds. 
……yeah, a depressing fucking story. Good news is that it doesn’t take death to release us of from our Chiron wounding in this lifetime. Just like in the mythology of Chiron taking one for the team for Prometheus, the way to handle and heal our own Chiron is to help other people that find themselves in similar sorts of circumstances of where we ourselves our wounded. The only way to work our Chiron out is to work THROUGH it, and the best way to work through it is by helping and healing someone/something else.

**I want to point out that these are just the descriptions of Chiron in each of the Houses. How all of this will play out in reality will depend on the chart as whole (such as different aspects made to Chiron).**

Chiron in the 9th House: When Chiron finds itself paying rent in the 9th house, the native’s wounding tends to have something to do with expanding oneself in life. The wounding here also has to do with being taught things in childhood that are just…..false. There can also be wounding concerning their abstract mind and the ability to use their mind in this way (or believing that they can’t). In childhood, there could’ve been some sort of wounding concerning the native not being “allowed” to expand their mind as far as it will go. This tends to have something to do with the phillosophical and/or religious/spiritual beliefs of the family that the native was raised. Maybe the native wanted to immerse themselves in some philosophy that was counter to what the early family believed to be correct? Maybe the native wanted to explore and expand their knowledge of the different religious beliefs across the world, but their family was very against the learning of these things? I would actually bet heavily that spirituality/religion are heavy players in the wounding here (since I’ve seen Chiron in the 9th manifest this ways more times than I count in the charts of clients and people I know). Depending on other factors, such as aspects to Chiron here, there could be some sort of perversion of beliefs that the native was taught growing up (and that kind of stuff can really fuck a person up). If any of this rings true for the person with Chiron in the 9th, getting in touch with that expansion that you so desperately wanted is a great start to healing. Engage yourself in a spirituality that fits you and resonates, and expand your mind all that you can. Another great way to heal help to heal yourself is to teach and learn from others in some capacity. I picture a group therapy type setting for people who have suffered this particular sort of wounding, with the native and everyone else sharing their experiences and teaching & learning from one another.

Chiron in the 10th House: With Chiron falling in the 10th, there can be a real wounding dealing with the concept of “authority.” There could have been an authority figure in the native’s life growing up (this could be a parent, or someone else) that they felt was only there to knock them down a peg or two and rain on their parade. Someone who constantly made the native feel “less-than” and somehow not worthy of the positive things that can come from this house. This can cause the native to have a shaky (to an outright distrustful) relationship with authority as they age. It can also cause the native to have difficulty harnessing their own authority, somehow feeling that they don’t have any real authority at all. There can also be wounding in the public spheres of life and the way that you feel about yourself within these areas (such as career ambitions, social status, and public presence). This wounding tends to stem from the native’s early family and possibly the way the family was viewed by society. Maybe, for some reason, the public persona and social status that the family had wasn’t very positive. Or maybe, the native’s family was at one point seen as the “ideal” in some way, but some kind of “fall from grace” situation occurred, making the family end up appearing very far from the “ideal” image they once possessed. One of the best ways that you can heal all of this wounding (if any of it feels true for you) is to really learn how to handle your own authority in a productive and positive way, thus building yourself up. Another awesome way to heal yourself is to build other people up in these 10th house arenas of life (something you are naturally quite good at).

Chiron in the 11th House: Wounding from Chiron here will usually deal with groups, friends and acquaintances. The native may have issues with groups of people (and probably actively avoids large groups), and this could be due to something like the native having felt ostracized by groups and “cliques” during their childhood. Maybe they just never were quite able to connect to peers their own age, which naturally doesn’t feel very good in childhood and adolescence (the time when people really want and have a need to fit in). Maybe the groups of people that happened to be around the native growing up served as a bullying force, making the native’s life a living hell. There could also be some wounding dealing with the people the native considered friends. The native may have lost or felt abandoned by several friends as they were growing up. This could be an organic “growing apart” that sometimes happens between friends, to the friend(s) of the native chosing to go a different way socially/hanging out with a different group (one that maybe didn’t accept the native), to the native actually being fucked over by their friends. This wounding can also stem from the native’s hopes and wishes. As a child, the native may have had many hopes and wishes for themselves, for other people, and for the world (since the 11th house is a universal house). It’s very possible that time and time again something came along to piss in the native’s cornflakes and ruin those big hopes and dreams that they had. Disappointments in this area can feel absolutely soul crushing for the native. The native here is actually quite good at feeding into the wishes and hopes of others, really making them feel that what they are hoping and wishing for is possible and worth it…..and not only does this help other people, it also helps to heal the native. Also, the native here tends to understand group dynamics very well due to spending a lot of time staying out of them and watching how they work from the sidelines. You could be very healing for others in a sort of moderator position for some group structure (not actually being in the group, but being the person that people in the group come to talk about group issues). By playing this role, you would also be working through your own Chiron wounding.

Chiron in the 12th House: I won’t bullshit around here, Chiron in the 12th house isn’t an easy one. It isn’t easy because the nature of the 12th house is to cloud and confuse the planetary bodies that reside within its bounds. The 12th House tends to throw a fog over the sign and planets in its domain, making them less easily accessible for the person to understand (and this usually makes the unconscious quite uncomfortable here). Since Chiron deals with our deepest wounding, the native with this placement may not even be consciously aware of what makes them feel wounded (but they do feel wounded in some way), or why. This is a deeply psychic placement, and the native may have picked up on wounding from other people in their early environment (such as their parents, or a parent), and sort of soaked that wounding up and made it their own. For instance, if the native had a parent that was extremely anxious, as a small child the native may have picked up on this and taken this anxiety on as their own. In my blog post about the the 12th House, I mention that the 12th house also deals with the period before birth, with planets in conjunction to the ASC from the 12th usually representing their mother’s labor. With Chiron here in the 12th, something could’ve made the native feel uneasy and wounded before they were ever even born (for example, parental attitudes towards the impending birth of the child that the native picked up on in-utero), or the actual birth experience could’ve been wounding to the native in some way (such as being born with the cord around their neck). The other thing that Chiron in the 12th can point towards is the possibility of having secret enemies. This can be other people that are in your life that don’t actually have your best interests at heart (but you don’t realize this consciously), to the native themself being their own “secret” enemy (and this wounding will usually manifest by way of the native not living in reality enough). Like I mentioned above, the unconscious tends to be a scary place for these people to venture, but it is the key to healing this wounding. Usually this is best done by exploring the unconscious minds of other people first, helping others in this way. By doing so, they are able to dare and become brave enough to go off into their own unconscious mind. Once they start this process, they are able to get a hold of their own wounding in this realm, why it exists, and what they can do about it in reality.

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