Interview with an Astrologer-Philip Sedgwick
also known as the mack fucking daddy of the Galactic Center (and Galactic Astrology)

This conversation took place on August 11, 2022, over zoom. Philip’s parts of the conversation are in bold, and mine are not bolded. The parts that are in parenthesis are things that might be necessary for one to know for some context of the question and/or answers (and also for other side notes).
This entire conversation was such a professional highlight ^_^

“Hey Philip!”

“Hey Ellie. So, how the hell are you?”

“I’m pretty good – I’m excited! How about you?”

“I’m good. Do you want to ask me your questions, and that way I can have a little more of spontaneous response to them?”

“Okay, sounds good! All of the questions were okay though, right?”
(I always like to shoot over the questions that I want to ask in an interview before the interview happens).

“Yeah, there’s a couple of answers that will be a little different than the track of the question, but nonetheless, it will work.”

“Okay – that is fine. (I start getting my iPad out with the questions).
“So, what got you interested in astrology in the first place? What was the spark?”

“Well, I was in the Navy, and I was up for a security clearance, and one day I was in a coffee shop at the base where our ship was stationed, and this guy came up to me and asked me for my birthday. I told him, and he started telling me things about myself, and I went “There’s no way that he knows this – this has got to be part of my security clearance, and this guy is trying to trip me up. He’s trying to get me to admit that I stole an apple, or something like that, something that would mess with my top-secret clearance.” And it turned out that he set up my chart. This was back a few years and he had one of those blue Rosicrucian ephemerides, and he was reading directly from that. So, at that point I decided that if someone else can know this about me, I guess I better figure out what they know, so that I can know that too…because this isn’t cool. It was too revelatory.”

“From him to know all of this from just –“

“Yeah, it was like, it was creepy. I didn’t know what he was doing.”

(I laugh)

“I was on a navy frigate for the next several years, and we had a couple of deployments over to Asia, and in that time frame there were times that there wasn’t a lot to do. I had a copy of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs and Dane Rudhyar’s Astrology of Personality, and that’s what got me into astrology. And the Astrology of Personality was really the thing – I met Leyla Rudhyar a number of years ago, and when I said, ‘it’s one of Rudhyar’s books that really got me hooked’, and she said ‘Oh, the Astrology of Personality.’ I said, ‘How did you know?’ and she said, ‘there are so many phenomenal stories about that book’. So, it was like ‘great, I’m glad to be one of the many.’”

“I have that book – I keep some books outside with me when I work and that’s one that I always have outside with me.”

“It’s amazing – absolutely amazing.”

“Yes, it is.”

“That was the beginning of the journey. Now, I know that you were curious about how I got into the Galactic Center.”

(I give a big ass goofy smile because, lol, of course I’m curious).

“So, after I got out of the Navy I was in San Diego, and I stumbled into an astrology group there, the San Diego Astrological Society, I believe they are still in operation. It’s a good group and at the time it was a phenomenal group. There was a weekend workshop, and I was participating in the workshop, giving a lecture, and there were 4 of us that weekend. It was held in Balboa Park, which is where the Sabian Symbols were derived.”

“Oh that’s cool!”

“It was also adjacent from where Neil Michelsen set up astro-computing services when he first moved to San Diego. So, San Diego was a happening astrological place. Well anyway, during one of the lectures Sagittarian Joyce Wehrman was speaking and she mentioned that the Galactic Center was at 26-degrees of Sagittarius. I thought ‘my midheaven is at 28-degrees Sagittarius – it must be my job to look into this.’ So, I started looking into it, I stumbled into it, and I encountered Michael Erlewine’s compilation Astrophysical Directions. With the encouragement of a few other people, I then began looking at some of the other galactic anomalies that were unusual and worthy of attention. One of those was the Super Galactic Center. Another one was Cygnus X-1, the black hole at about 13-degrees Aquarius. Those were the three things that I started looking at in 1976. This was all new stuff at the time. You know, Theodor Landscheidt had a book, Cosmic Cybernetics I believe was the name, and it had some stuff about the Galactic Center in it, and it was very useful. Nobody knew anything – I had sort of an engineering background, so my first thing was ‘what it is will tell us how it operates.’ So, I started investigating the qualities of the Galactic Center, and it is very strong in infrared radiation. I then began to make assessments into ‘well, here’s what infrared radiation might do for us,’ and I kind of put it on the human body with the chakras. The crown chakra at the top going into ultraviolet, the root chakra going into infrared. I made the initial assessment that the infrared energy would be impacting the root chakra, and all of that. At the time, we did not know that the Galactic Center was a supermassive black hole. Now we know that virtually every galaxy has a supermassive black hole at its core. We know that now, but at the time we didn’t know that. We did not know that it was a black hole at the center of the galaxy. And so, it was a matter of interpreting these qualities, and one of the things that was also true is that it was gravitationally massive – we did know that before we knew it was a black hole. Well, anything that is gravitational warps time and space – it just does. One of the early things that came out of that was, well, when you go all Sagittarian and pontificate from the Galactic Center, you know, people are going to go ‘that’s nice – that’s really nice, I’m glad you had that thought – I’m going to go get some ice cream.’”

(I laugh because my Galactic Grand Cross lit up chart knows what the fuck he’s talking about)

“And maybe, 6 months later, they’ll come around, and they’ll realize that what you said was valid, but they won’t remember that you said it. They’ll think they thought of it, like ‘I just had this great idea!’ and it’s like ‘well, I just had that thought 6 months ago.’ And they’re like ‘no you didn’t.’ And it’s like ‘yes I did – I wrote it down.’ So, there is an interesting thing that happens with the Sagittarian quality – if you wanna be the one in the know, you basically have to memorialize all of the insights that you get from the Galactic Center. You have to write shit down.

“Yes!” (My eyes get big, and I nod my head exaggeratively – this is SO fucking true for shit that comes to a person from the GC).

“If you don’t write it down, it goes away. You might say it, and the people around you are gunna look at you like you said, ‘shoehorns should be made of velvet.’ It’s like, that’s what they are going to think that you said. And then they’re like ‘what the hell are you talking about? I don’t get it, it’s not relevant.’ And so later, they will come around, and they’ll think about what you said. Now my favorite point about the Galactic Center is when the Wright Brother’s flew their plane back when they did at Kitty Hawk, there was a Sun/Uranus conjunction with the Galactic Center right in the middle. And this is when they flew their airplane. People went out there to watch them die. You know, it’s like going to the Indy 500 – you don’t go there to watch the race, you go there to watch the crash. So, everyone went out there to watch them crash. Instead, though, they successfully flew their plane. And how did people react? People reacted from the point of view that if God intended people to fly, we’d have wings. Nobody that day said, ‘can I get frequent flyer miles.’ And now, this is what people wanna know. What we find is that anything that has to do with commercial aviation, or aviation in general, the Galactic Center has a strong influence, or those things occur when the Galactic Center is prominent. The Galactic Center brings in new ideas, and people have to take the time to adjust and adapt and figure out what the hell it is. So, it’s like, you know, that’s what happens with the Galactic Center. It is a bit alien, and I think that’s one of the reasons that over the course of time, people have been largely not responsive to it. And now, if you go to your handy American Ephemeris, the Galactic Center is in here for the first day of every month.”

“That’s cool that it’s included in there.”

“It is cool that it’s included. Neil Michelsen was one of the first to realize that this (the GC) is important. He did a lot to support the basic ideas of the Galactic Center and whatnot. There were several of us that took off on galactic ideas, and we were accused of coming up with a brand of astrology, but by the time the people figured out if it worked or not, we’d be out of town. It was like ‘they came and gave a lecture, and oh, that didn’t work.’ They figured who needs this? They would think something like ‘it (the GC) doesn’t affect us.’ Oh, but it does. Now we are aware that there are these impulses and blasts from space that come in, and they get through our atmosphere more readily now than they used to because of general pollution, and we are being impacted by these things, these energies, and radiations, and they affect us. I kind of see it like the planets in the solar system are crystals, and these energies come through those crystals and beam down. These energies are basically enlightening the crystals if you will and providing us information. One of the things that is difficult about Galactic Astrology now is that, well, if every galaxy has a supermassive black hole at the core, so every degree of the zodiac is a black hole degree. Yes, that would be true. So, people are using that to minimize the importance of it, as opposed to saying there is radiation that’s coming out of these black holes, and now we know the black holes are emanating x-rays and gravitational forces and other things that we don’t have any way of detecting yet. Nonetheless, these energies are coming in. And, oh, by the way, a lot of black holes are going to be rich in radio and will have a broadcasting frequency. In fact, the point that is measured for the Galactic Center is a radio source. Oh, and where is the Galactic Center exactly? It’s at that radio source. The Galactic Center is wide – you’ve got a full degree that it extends – like when you look at the infrared radiation source v the radio source v the ultraviolet emanations, they occur at slightly different degrees. So, when you’re trying to determine where the black hole point is exactly, it’s like it depends on the frequency that you’re examining. If you try to get this down to the minute, it’s not going to work.”

“Let me ask you, about people who try to discredit Galactic Astrology because there are so many black holes – isn’t there something to be said about the Galactic Center in our galaxy being incredibly important because it’s part of our galaxy? You know what I mean?”

“Well, yes, but that’s like saying that the Sun is the center of the Solar System. We reference our charts to the Earth. We aren’t looking at the Solar System from a heliocentric model largely – it’s to the Earth. It’s focused on how everything affects the Earth; it’s how everything affects me. So, that is somewhat self-referential, but yes, that is true. The Galactic Center is the steering mechanism for our galaxy, but that is also steered by the Super Galactic Center, at the center of 33 galaxies. Our galaxy, and 32 others, are being drawn towards the Super Galactic Center. The Super Galactic Center is currently at 2-degrees of Libra. Depending on what you say is the center of the Super Galactic Center, you can get readings that are going to vary half a degree. So, there is no exactitude. The gravitational force of that is so strong that you have to figure that it’s going to be affecting 8-degrees on either side of the Super Galactic Center (in a chart). But wait, there’s more. The Super Galactic Center is being pulled by the Great Attractor at 14-degrees Sagittarius, and the Great Attractor appears to be pulled by the Shapley Supercluster (Shapley Attractor), which is at 2-degrees of Scorpio. These are the 4 things that, if you’re going to look at Galactic Astrology, these are the 4 things that you really need to consider. There is a lot of invisibility to anything that is out there in galactic energies. We can look at it and see it, sort of, but more we’re being impacted by its energy. So, people who have contacts to these points are energetically influencing all of the people around them. People that have contacts to the Great Attractor, people automatically assume that they know everything. And these people with Great Attractor contacts are pushed to the center as if they are the source, and the people become satellites around them. People with strong Great Attractor contacts will be pushed to the center of every group that they’re in.”

“Do you consider the angles conjunct the Great Attractor, too? Or are you only talking about planets?”

“Yes, angles as well. Angles are points in space, so they don’t have quite the magnitude of planets, but yes, the angles do work.”

(This would probably be the case for anything that wasn’t a planet. I picked angle here because I have my Ascendant conjunct the Great Attractor).

“And when we consider, and this is one of my favorite examples of the Shapely Attractor at 2-degrees of Scorpio…well, two people that I can think of that have their Sun conjunct Shapley, one is Hilary Clinton. Like her or not, when she was Secretary of State, she was traveling around the world doing things that affected you and me.”

“Yeah, that’s very true.”

“Whether we were aware of it or not. And we weren’t aware of it. We weren’t aware of what she was doing in Africa, we weren’t aware of what she was doing in Indonesia, or North Korea. But she was doing things that impacted us with all of those things. Here’s another one – Bill Gates. He made this thing called Windows, and Windows operates on every PC that’s out there. One of the complaints about Windows is that it has backdoors. Would a Scorpio make anything that had a backdoor? Hell yeah – of course they would. It’s going to get in there and find out all your secrets. There are people complaining about trying to patch up the backdoor, and if you buy an antivirus program that’s from a foreign country, they don’t have the same restrictions for plugging black holes that American companies have, so you get a little more protection from things like that. So invisibly, Bill Gates, you know if you have a PC, he is influencing you.”

“How wide of an orb do you use for Shapley or any of the galactics mentioned thus far?”

“It’s like, it’s a curvature, it’s like the diagram of a black hole itself. Around 8-degrees you’re around the event horizon when things become inescapably attracted to the black hole. And then at 4-degrees the force is even stronger. And then at 2-degrees it’s even stronger. If you’re within 4-degrees, I mean, you’re packing a punch with these galactic points.”

“So, like, my Mars being within 2-degrees of Shapley, would definitely count here?”

“Your Mars is within 2-degrees of Shapely? I’ve gotta go now, ummm…” (pretends to start getting up and then starts laughing).

(I’m laughing, too) “Yeah, it is.”

“That’s how people react, right?”

“Ummm, they definitely can…. sometimes. Not even necessarily under this kind of context (the influence thing is what I meant here) but sometimes…. yeah.”
(I often have to keep my Mars in check because that little mother fucker can be something else hahaha)

“Yeah, there’s that” (laughing).

“Back to the event horizon thing, would you say the event horizon is around 8 degrees for all the galactic points?”

“Well, for the event horizon, there is an actual calculable radius that has to do with the gravitational mass of the object, and so there is a radius of how big this thing is. But when they say supermassive, you’ve gotta figure you’ve got 8-degrees you’re going to be feeling the influence. At 4-degrees you’re really going to be feeling the influence. At 2-degrees it’s like have fun with that. Any closer than that and you’re in the thick of it – get the consciousness that this thing is selling or suffer, and life is more difficult than it needs to be…that’s essentially what it is. It’s a little bit like how people react to Saturn and Pluto.”

“Yeah, it is. I could go on a fucking tangent about that, about how people react to Saturn and Pluto.”

“Oh, God, yes.” (Laughs) “There are a lot of worthwhile tangents about what people do with astrology where it’s like there is probably a better way of looking at it than that.”

“So, like, in my research of the Galactic Center and other galactic points, I’ve been using an orb of 10-degrees applying and separating. Does that work?”

“You’re fine, that works. 8-degrees I rendered as conservative. I mean, you know, when you realize the mass of these things are 300 million times the mass of the Sun….well, how big of an orb are you going to give the Sun?

“Yeah….I do tend to extend it out.”

“Some people will give the Sun to the Moon a 12-degree orb.”

“That’s definitely true – you can extend the orb out…or “can” (in quotes), people can do whatever the hell they want.”

“And the more massive it is, the bigger the orb can be.”

“That makes sense.”

“And so a Galactic black hole technically has more influence than a stellar black hole because it’s just bigger. But stellar black holes are often more interesting.”

“Are they?”

“Yeah, so the Cygnus black hole, Cygnus X-3 and Cygnus X-1, they’re stellar black holes, and they define it by the x-ray source – the X is an x-ray source. It’s the first x-ray source in Cygnus, which is at 13-degrees Aquarius, and the third x-ray source in Cygnus is at 28-degrees Aquarius. There is 15-degrees between those x-ray sources in the constellation of Cygnus which is in Aquarius when you translate it down to the ecliptic”

“I don’t know as much about those but you’re getting me very curious.”

“The Cygnus X-1, I mean the Sumerians seemed to have Cuneiforms that depicted it as the netherworld. Sort of like a purgatory of sorts. Because when you go into a black hole, you’re invisible. And that’s the complaint that people have that are working with personal planets conjunct the black holes – it’s like they feel like no one can see what they’re doing and thinking. But everyone actually does. Everybody is rejecting it because there is a time warp – other people just can’t get it yet. The massiveness of the object has to do with how long the time warp is. I mean, some of these black holes, you’ll get an idea that doesn’t actually show up for 20 years.”

“How long do you think the time warp is with the Galactic Center?”

“I think it’s 9 to 15 months. I’ve done a lot of work with that and I’m pretty confident of those numbers. It’s sort of like, if you told someone your latest insight today, they would scratch their head and walk away from you going ‘Oh, that’s just Ellie being Ellie!’”

“This actually happens to me! All my fucking life!” (laughs)

“It happens a lot. They could start taking note of what you said at 6 months. What you (or anyone with Galactic Center conjunctions) need to be doing today is selling your newspaper from 9 months ago. Because what was front page in your consciousness 9 months ago, people now will go ‘ah, that’s a little hard to wrap around, but I see your point. I get it….yeah….I’m getting it.’ And so that’s why you need to be writing this stuff down and memorializing it because you can then go back in time and say ‘okay, I’m going to tell people what I was thinking 9 months ago.’ And they’ll hear you. But if you tell them what you’re thinking today, they won’t get it.”

“I’ll try that. That’s really funny because that TOTALLY happens to me. And even like what you were saying earlier about how people will think it’s their idea, and it’s like ‘no – I said that already a long time ago, what the hell are you talking about?’”

“The Galactic Center has a lot to do with intellectual property. You know, the argument for charging for astrology is part of the Galactic Center. People will be like ‘if it’s divine inspiration, then you should give it away.’ Tell my landlord. You know, it’s like you have to go the grocery store, I can’t tell the cashier a Galactic Center insight and get my groceries. You know, that’s sort of an inflation buster, but you know, it’s not going to work. It’s like, there is a real world, and the universe is saying ‘I need people to track and deliver.’ And here’s the thing – like every second Tuesday of the month, Windows gives your PC an update. But that update is not in effect until you download it. It will download automatically if you have your settings right, but it will slow down everything else that you’re doing without you knowing why is my computer so slow today?! Well, there’s an update. It’s being downloaded. And that download, when you’re downloading cosmic forces, is a bit of distraction to the mundane, so there needs to be some time, prioritize, for the downloading in order to grab this. And then you have to install it. Because if you don’t install it, it’s just hanging out there as a downloaded file. It doesn’t take effect until you install and reboot. That’s the metaphor for the Galactic Center. And here’s another Galactic Center thing: I met a taxi driver once, I actually worked with this guy in electronics after I got out of the Navy, and he said, ‘I’ve learned so much shit that I have to forget shit in order to learn new shit.’ That’s technically not true in terms of what we know about brain capacity and storage and that kind of thing, but it is an interesting thing. There is a program on a PC called defrag and it’s good to run it from time to time. Because when you deleted a file or you clear your cache, those things are still sort of present. You have to formally get rid of them, and then you compress your drive. You move things around, so it increases the access time to the information that has stored. The Galactic Center needs to defrag the brain every so often, every 6 months or so. What do you now believe? Delete ideas that you no longer believe and move the ideas that you do believe to where those ideas that you no longer believe used to exist.”

“Essentially moving shit around.”

“Your access time is increased. You’re smarter, you’re faster, you’re more accurate, it’s just the way it works. But you have to defrag from time to time. You’ve got to get rid of the junk and you have to increase your access time. When you start doing galactic things, every now and again you’re going to have to sit down by yourself and go okay, I’m going to clear space. You can do this before you go to sleep, you can do this in the shower, you can do this having a cup of coffee staring at butterflies. It doesn’t matter how you do it – you just have to do it. It’s important, especially with the Sagittarian points…there is a lot of stuff in Sagittarius, and why is that? It’s because that’s the center of the galaxy, so everything clusters around there. Sagittarius and Capricorn are the most potent galactic signs in our universe. There is more stuff within the galactic structure in both of those signs. Scorpio and Aquarius would be the next two. But there is more stuff in Sagittarius and Capricorn.”

(My Sagittarius, Capricorn, Scorpio chart heavy ass is pleased with this– I’m smiling really big)

“Now you had a question about the opposite side of things.”

“Yes, about the Super Galactic Center – what opposes it.”

“And why did you pick the Super Galactic Center for the opposite side?”

“Because in space we already know there is a Galactic Anti-Center. We already know what that’s like. So, I’m figuring that there has to be something opposing the Super Galactic Center. I just don’t know what it is. Because polarity is such a thing. I know there is something there.”

“Yeah, it’s like, the best idea, the best thing that I could suggest for understanding the opposite point of the Super Galactic Center is the Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters. The Hopi’s had a myth about the twins who controlled the spin of the Earth in space, and they control the entire polarity in space. Go and read that – it’s a little lofty, but you know if you kind of read it and go ‘hmmmmm’ and put it into the Galactic Center and say ‘help me wrap around this’ it would be okay. There is an antipoint for the Super Galactic Center, but it’s important to look at…. you know, there is cold, dark matter out there in space where there is allegedly nothing, but how to interpret that? I don’t actually know. I am of the point of view that you look where things are, as opposed to looking where things are not. There is a polarity point to the Super Galactic Center, but that’s also a place where you can find a cluster of black holes in Aries. So, what are you feeling over there? Are you feeling the polar opposite of the Super Galactic Center, or are you perceiving these Aries black holes which are telling you ‘you have to get inside yourself, because if you don’t get inside yourself you won’t discover excellence.'”

“When I think of this particular area, because, you know, knowing what we know about the Super Galactic Center and what it represents, it seems to me…..I call the opposite point to the Super Galactic Center “Blank Space-Space,” like blank ocean space on a map. This name kind of started as a joke with a friend of mine. I was talking about the opposition point to the Super Galactic Center, and he was like ‘oh, like blank ocean space on a map? ‘And I was like ‘you know that kind of fits.’ I have been calling it Blank Space-Space since this is in space and not the ocean. It does seem like, where there might be a lot of fucking around on the fence, compromise, weighing things at the Super Galactic Center to an excessive extent (since the Super Galactic Center is in Libra), at the opposition point there is a lot of just doing and just being.”

“That’s a point of assimilation. When you’re at the polar opposites, you’re at the point of assimilation. It’s like, I’m gunna step back from that and I’m going to go over here. It’s like a planet comes close to the Sun. Every planet has a closest point to the Sun. Neptune and Venus it’s hard to distinguish the distance of close and far because they have very round orbits, but all the other planets have more of an elliptical orbit. So, when a planet is closest to the Sun, it is feeling the most solar urgency that there is. When a planet goes out to its aphelion (or furthest distance from the Sun) that’s where you sit down and go ‘okay everything that was so damn urgent when I was perihelion, I’m going to absorb this and I’m going to figure it out and I am going to assimilate this in consciousness’. This is the thing about the galactic points – until they are assimilated, it’s just data. It’s a download on your computer that you haven’t done anything with. You haven’t installed the program. And when you install a program, what is the first thing that you do? A good Saturn person is going to go into any program and they’re going to look at all the menu options and see what’s under them. Otherwise, you have access to something that you don’t know how to resource. That’s the problem with a lot of astrological information – there’s not really a factor of assimilation. I was having a conversation with a young astrologer a while ago about how to set up a chart. You lose something when you don’t know how to do that. Cause if you don’t, say, know what Delta T is, you don’t understand how time works. If you go into a big American Ephemerides – it sounds like you’re stuttering when you say that word, or drunk – when you go into that at the very beginning it shows you how to set up a chart, and it explains to you also how to do these things. Do it. If you’ve never set up a chart, learn how to do it, because then you will have an operational awareness of the solar system that you can not fathom by entering the data into a program, clicking it, and seeing the chart. You can create any chart that you want with programs, make up all the fucking shit you want, but unless you have the assimilation of what is operating, you don’t get it. You’re a mechanic with a screwdriver banging on everything to see if it makes a noise when you bang on it. You’re using the wrong end of the screwdriver.”

“It’s kind of like when you take math classes and they teach you how to solve problems on a calculator, but they never teach you how to do it by hand.”

“When you have a thunderstorm, if it scares you and you close the curtains, lightning is still happening, and when it strikes near and blows out your power, I’m aware that this storm is affecting me but I can’t see it so therefore I am safe. You can’t pull your head over the covers. It’s like the old story of the person who looked at their transits, and their transits said they’re gunna have a bad day, so they don’t go into work. Their boss calls and wonders why they aren’t at work. They say that their astrology said they were going to have bad transits today, so they better not come to work. And the boss says, ‘you’re fucking right you’re having bad transits; you’re fired.’ So, it’s a little bit like that. This stuff is still influencing you whether you choose to be aware of it or not. The Galactic Center, Super Galactic Center, the Great Attractor, all the black holes out there are part of the energetic matrix that is the universe, and you don’t get to discriminate what you want to include.”

“Okay – I see what you’re saying.”

“In more contemporary astrology, Eris demoted Pluto because she’s larger and a little bit more massive, and now they are both called small – they’re too small to be called planets.”


“A major city newspaper – and I won’t say which city because one might be able to figure out the astrologer from that – called an astrologer and asked, “how does this impact us now?” And the astrologer said, “I don’t use gravel.”

“They said what?” (lol I’m confused for a minute)

“The Kuiper Belt, and the asteroid belt, are gravel.”

“OH!” (I had a lightbulb moment hahahaha lol duh)

“Here’s the thing that’s kind of extending off the realm of Galactic Astrology, but it shows stuff. I was doing a mathematical comparison of the characteristics of all of the planets in the solar system when Eris was discovered – mass, density, gravitation, and diameter -I was comparing those things mathematically. And then I was doing logarithmic function comparisons and I was doing stuff and people were like ‘we use logs in astrology’ and it was like ‘not really.’ There was this thing, we used to have log files back in the old days when you set up the chart and the table of houses, but it wasn’t logarithmic in terms of how a mathematician would think of logarithms. Anyway, I found that Eris, Pluto, and Chiron, clustered together, and the terrestrial planets clustered together, the gaseous giants clustered together. Ceres clustered with Pluto, Chiron and Eris.”

“Really? That’s interesting.”

“You would think that she would be terrestrial. Well, years ago they flew by Ceres, and they said ‘this is weird – she’s got ice’. Asteroids don’t have ice.” And by the way, Ceres is a planet because when you consider how she operates based on International Astronomical Union stuff on planetary classification, she is a planet. Well okay, she’s a planet. But then when you compare, she aligns with these other points. And by the way, in some of these mathematical analyses, she had more potency than any planet in the solar system.”

“That’s really interesting.”

“Now Ceres said to Jupiter ‘If I don’t get my daughter back, I’m going to starve the planet.’”

“Yeah she did.”

“Everyone would die. So, Ceres had a lot of deference mythologically. Why did she have so much deference? And Pluto was her thing. Pluto abducted her daughter. Okay, so here’s what the astronomers have concluded: the working model now is that Ceres was once in the Kuiper Belt, she was out by Pluto. And Jupiter who cut the deal in mythology – her daughter spending 6 months with Pluto and 6 months with Ceres, sort of like joint custody – the belief is that Jupiter escorted Ceres away from Pluto and out of the Kuiper Belt and into the asteroid belt. So, the scientific model is consistent with mythology.”

“Now that’s interesting as hell. I knew about the mythology of Ceres, but I didn’t know about the other stuff.”

“Yeah, isn’t it? It changes everything. And here’s the thing – astrologers have to keep up with what science is telling us. For instance, I’ve started using the asteroid Psyche. Why? Because astronomers 18 months ago said that if you mine Psyche, it would be worth more than the global economy…if you could mine this asteroid. So, if you mine the Psyche, if you attune to your dream state, if you do the things that Psyche portends according to her mythology, what richness will you uncover? This is important. Astronomers said that Psyche is a very important asteroid. Oh, and the movie Don’t Look Up is the same story. This story, this comet, we’re going to destroy it, we’re going to deflect it, it won’t hit the Earth, the military has got it. And then a techie entrepreneurial guy got in the way and said, ‘I want to mine it – instead we’ll land on it and do these other things, and we’ll extract it’s wealth and resources.’ So, an Elon Musk kind of guy got in the way and fucked up the whole thing. That’s what this movie is about. And, oh by the way, don’t look up, because if you look up and see this awe, you will be impacted – if you don’t look up it’s not there, if you don’t look up the Earth isn’t going to be hit by this comet. I don’t know if you’ve seen that movie, but every astrologer needs to see that movie for that purpose.”

“I am definitely aware of the movie, but I haven’t seen it.”|

“It’s terrific – it’s funny, it’s tragic, the acting is great, the dialogue is spot on. Adam McKay also did one of those financial exposes years ago.”

“Was it The Big Short?”

“Yeah, The Big Short. And it was like this is what actually happened in 2008 guys, pay attention. Cause it’s going to happen again. And so, he did this movie too. How he was inspired to do it, I don’t know.”

(I looked up Adam McKay’s chart after this interview. There is no “good” time of birth on file, but his Moon *might* be conjunct the Galactic Center depending on what time he was born. Jupiter Retrograde trine the GC at 25-degrees Leo. Uranus conjunct the Super GC at 25-Virgo. Interesting ^_^)

“I just did a short film called Meteoric that we just wrapped in April, and we are just now on the festival circuit with it, and it started out with a dashcam video of a meteor coming down in Arizona in 2016 and this guy caught it on film, I got permission from him to use it, and I built a story around it. It’s of two couples who get to the meteorite at the same time. One is an astronomer and his girlfriend, and the other is a cowboy and his girlfriend. The cowboy wants to cut off a hunk of the meteorite and make and engagement ring – I mean, meteorite jewelry is gorgeous – and the astronomer wants to cut it up and see what it’s made of. And the women are going ‘no, you just have to honor this thing and respect it – you have to appreciate it for what it is, which is a gift from the heavens.’ And so here we have gifts from the heavens and if you’re too analytical with your astrology you’re going to dissect things to the point where you’re going to end up telling people what they’re favorite color is…which is useless. Because they already know.”

“Yeah.” (laughing)

 “It’s like, oh this planet rules orange and it’s on your ascendant, so orange is your favorite color. You know, that’s horseshit. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything. It’s how is that planet and how is it leading your presentation of yourself in life.”

“Yeah. And also, even more so…. I know not everyone is looking for advice, but it’s like…I can tell you about yourself, but I’d rather help you with things. I guess it just depends on what a person is looking for. What you’re talking about above feels like it turns astrology into a kind of parlor trick.”

“Yeah, you have to figure that out when you first talk to a person. Like people that want to access their creative forces, or that want to be on a more spiritual path. Other people will come to you with something like I just found out I have a lump, and before I go to the doctor, what is your assessment of the lump? Well, first of all you can’t say because you’re not a medical doctor, but you can say there are times down the road, like, here’s a Saturn time and during this Saturn timeframe you’re likely going to be working on rehabilitation, you’re likely going to be working on healing. The combination of Saturn and Chiron, are you going to get through this? Some of that’s going to depend how well you work with the healing process, and some of it will depend on can you look at your North Node and discern if it’s time for you to go play in the stars? I don’t know, those are things that are “unethical” (air quotes used) for astrologers to do. But the point of astrology is to go ahead and direct people where they are and not where you want them to be.”

“Yeah – that definitely makes sense.”

“And astrologers tend to direct them towards, like, you have to have spirulina for breakfast. And it’s like, no, you don’t have to have spirulina for breakfast. I just happened to pick spirulina because it was big a number of years ago and now you never hear anyone talk about spirulina unless they are making a spirulina margarita. Now we’re on to antioxidants, and probiotics, and that probiotics mess with antibiotics. If you’re taking antibiotics, what probiotics should you take. I mean, there’s a whole theory that probiotics are good, and antibiotics are bad. And it’s like, antibiotics aren’t bad if you have an infection.”

“Yeah, with everything there needs to be a balance.”

“Yeah, and probiotics and antibiotics are like the Super Galactic Center and whatever opposes the Super Galactic Center. You need both.”

“Yeah, and the same thing with the Galactic Center and the Galactic Anti-Center.”

“Yeah. And the important thing to look at is that astrology is evolving because we keep making discoveries. I mean, the Webb telescopes out there are taking great pictures, as I wrote in my SkyScraping last night which people can subscribe to by going to my website, – it’s free. A guy cut a slice of Chorizo and photographed it and said here’s the star Proxima Centauri. No! It’s not Proxima Centauri, it’s a slice of Chorizo, you dolt! What are you doing?! But then, on the other hand we have this idea that Ceres used to be in the Kuiper Belt, and the Kuiper Belt is potent, and was theorized 1947 by Gerard Kuiper who was an astronomer from Arizona who was ridiculed for his thinking. It was like you’re nuts! There’s an asteroid belt outside the solar system? No, that’s true. And Mike Brown, who was one of the discoverers of Eris, believes there is a Mars size planet out there.”

“You know, this is an interesting thing for you to bring up, theorizing planets that might be out there, and I have nothing to actually back this up, it’s just pure, like, whatever (making hand movements like things being downloaded into my mind), but I do have this idea that there are things/planets out there that we can’t see, or we’re not supposed to see yet. Because there are 12 signs in the zodiac it would make sense if there were 12 planets that went along with all 12 signs. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, there is that, and there is also physical reality. Like Nibiru, that is pure bullshit.”

(I agree with that about Nibiru. I’m not exactly sure what I mean when I say the above about planets that you can’t see, but it’s not like the Nibiru stuff that I’ve read about before)

“There is nothing to that. You know, the diagrams of Nibiru show it orbiting the Earth. Things don’t orbit the Earth because they can’t, they are captured by the Sun, they orbit the Sun. So, if you see a diagram that has something orbiting the Earth – other than the Moon or a possible couple of other things, but they are not Nibiru. People say that Nibiru is 4 lightyears away, and it’s a brown dwarf that we can’t see because it’s a brown dwarf. We can see brown dwarfs – we see them all the time. And it’s 4 lightyears away and it’s going to destroy us on January 1st. Okay, if it’s 4 lightyears away and its traveling at the speed of light, it would take 4 years to get here. That’s not January. It’s like, no, this isn’t true. Mike Brown and I have had a few communications along the way, and I went and saw him lecture when he was at the University of Arizona, and he was absolutely delightful. And I said to him ‘let’s talk about how you name things and what you think it means when you name things’ and he said, ‘oh I’d love to, but I can’t – nobody would ever take me seriously again if I sat down with you, or any astrologer for that matter.’ I asked Mike Brown about Nibiru just because at the time it was coming up a lot again, it’s always come up and it’s not there. It’s like get over being the kid at the campfire who has a scary story to tell, and everyone wanted to go to bed before you had your turn. Don’t be that person. Don’t be the one who is disseminating this information, doomsday information, that has no validity. And yet, it keeps coming up. Just like Mars when it was at perihelion and it was closest to Earth a number of years ago, and it was larger than it has ever been seen. Every time Mars gets near perihelion again this surfaces on twitter and Facebook that Mars is as close as it’s ever been for 20,000 years – no! That’s not true. That’s the regurgitation of a previous post. And oh, by the way, people who have gotten caught up in Q Anon have also gotten caught in the algorithm and the algorithms won’t let you free. So that consciousness is like an internet algorithm – you have to clear your cache and get rid of the algorithm, you have to wipe out that account because you’re never going to be free…they got you. And they are going to steer like a gravitational object in space, they are going to steer you where they want you to be. Until you clear that and decompress, your conscious processing isn’t going to improve – you’re still going to believe this stuff. You know, we’ve been watching the X-Files, and a lot of this is like ‘UFO’s exist.’ And then other stuff is combined with metaphysics, psychics, astrologers, etc. And it is an expose of how ridiculous people sound in this realm. And we have to be the people who don’t sound ridiculous – we have to be the people who actually understand the science. We need to understand gravity, and emanations, and that these impact us. We also can’t isolate and say, well this counts and this doesn’t. It all counts. It’s all there. In terms of being “New Age” you have to be able to integrate the latest that science is doing. You have to know what the objects are at the edge of our solar system. And oh, if you never use Eris, you are never going to be able to do Galactic Astrology. If you won’t include that, how can you include the galactic stuff? If you still don’t think of Ceres as a planet, then you won’t be able to do Galactic Astrology because you haven’t expanded the consciousness sufficiently to say I need to include this. Should everything be considered? If you could everything should be considered, but you can’t. So, what the astrologer does – okay so when I do a reading for someone, there are transits that I don’t discuss. If they aren’t relevant to where that person is right now it would be a distraction to say ‘well, you have this…’ but they can’t hear that yet. So, what you can do is position the person to get through the immediate circumstances, usually mundane, that are impeding their ability to look beyond, you can work them through that, and then when they come back around you can bring up the other things. Our job is to be relevant to the need of the client and not to the desires of our ego.”

“That totally makes sense. In that kind of context also, because it IS hard to include everything, because it can be overwhelming if you do, both to the astrologer and the client. Are there certain other things that you will ALWAYS look at in a chart, always bring into play?”

“I always bring in Eris. And the reason I always bring in Eris is that everyone feels that they are an outsider.”

“This is true.”

“Virtually everyone alive right now was born with Eris in Aries, unless you were born 1922, 1923, unless you’re 100 years old you have Eris in Aries. Everyone on the planet feels like they are being cast out. They can’t get their time at the trough. Everyone is feeling shut out. I always bring up Eris and I always bring it up from the standpoint of what can you do to be part of the things that you want. Eris has the North Node in perihelion in Libra and Taurus, both Venus ruled. What do you need financially? Not everyone has to be rich in America. What you need is enough money that you don’t have to think about it. You don’t need so little that you have to think about it obsessively, or so much that you think about it obsessively because those are out of balance with Eris. But if you’re in a zone, the Goldilocks Zone, where the porridge is perfect, then great. The same thing with social standing, and the same in terms of what you need in relationship (the Libra component of it). When you consider that Eris and social media, they were really hot at the time that Eris was discovered and named. This is when ‘I am included,’ and ‘I am liked’. ‘Oh, but wait – I’m unfriended? Someone just broke up with me that I don’t know? And they sent me a couple of pixels that said you suck? Oh my god, I’m ruined.’ And that’s Eris. Social media is Eris. And influencers? They are Eris gone wrong.”

(I laugh because the notion of influencer is such a bunch of bullshit hahahahahah)

“You’re not influencing those people. They can’t feel your aura, they can’t feel the extent of what you’re doing. You’re posting on the internet for God’s sake. Maybe someone like Jon Stewart can go ahead and start a campaign to go ahead and get the Smoke Pit Veterans campaign passed in congress which he just did this week. But it was more than him posting – he got out there and he said things, he was in Washington, he got out there and engaged. Yes, he had a social media campaign because he has millions of followers because of who he is and where he’s been, and he used that. But more, he got out there and engaged with it in order to make the impact that he needed to make. That’s Eris integration. I’m doing life.”

“Yeah, actually fucking doing something.”

“That’s a huge thing, so Eris is something that I always consider.”

“I’m curious, anything else that you always consider when you look at a chart?”

“I always look at where Saturn and Pluto are operating and what they are stirring up. If a person is having a reading, generally, people don’t come and have readings when everything is great. Occasionally that’s true, but that’s like 3% of the time. It’s like I just want a cosmic polishing, I just want to buff up my North Node – you hear that occasionally. Now-a-days I always look at Psyche. And I always look at Psyche because it’s like what are you dreaming and what are your dreams telling you that agree with or disagree with the circumstances that you feel like you want in life. Is there a way to kind of get into the consciousness of your dream state which is unfettered by life. You dream what you dream – it’s weird stuff.”

“Things just kind of come through or they don’t.”

“Yeah, there are insights. About the time that I read this article about Psyche I had a dream about an astronomer doing a podcast of the Galactic Center and being bothered by mosquitos. So, he set up a bug zapper, and every time the bug zapper acquired the matter of a mosquito, it’s energy and influence got larger. The bug zapper became a black hole because of what it was killing and eating. So, this was the premise of the story. I dreamt this, and I woke up and I thought that’s a movie! That movie is called Zap and got into 55 film festivals across the world.”

“That’s awesome!”

“And I dreamt that. And it then connected me with these people, this person, and that person – and it was from a dream. Not everyone is going to be a film maker, but somebody might get an idea of you know, I’m designing this microchip and I’m trying to cover up the supply chain issue, and we’re having a problem with our IO devices blowing out, and we’re having a problem with the current distribution past that point, and by the time it gets to the CPU….huh?! What if we positioned it here instead of there, and oh! That might work! And a person dreams this, and they take it to work, and they say what if we took this particular component and moved it in just a little bit? It’s like, okay, because this might solve this heating problem that we’re having. Now, heating is a big deal with chips because they run so hot. It’s like, this could be dreamt. The idea for an astrology book. The idea for the great American novel. The idea for the final clue for the New York Times crossword puzzle. All could be dreamt. Anything can be dreamt – it’s an unlimited access, and per what the astronomers told us if you find Psyche – who appears in our dreams – and find Eros – the love of your life that you can only have in the dream state – you can access that consciousness only the dream state, but you need to learn how to bring it back. It’s like going into a black hole, the experience you have when you say ‘I’m going to tap into Cygnus x-3 and I’m going to hang out for a while and I’m going to learn everything I need to know about consciousness’, you will. But when you come back, you can’t bring that with you. It’s in you, it has been assimilated and integrated in that altered state, but you cannot explain what happened to you. You can only BE it. You have to resonate through every fiber of your being the consciousness that you have assimilated. That’s how Galactic Astrology works.

“How do you think are some of the best ways to tap into the Galactic Center, the Super Galactic Center, the Great Attractor, the Shapley Attractor, etc.? This question would be for people that have conjunctions to the GC and other galactic points, and even people that don’t. My thought that is if people have conjunctions to these things, they are probably able to tap into the energy more (or more easily), but I do think anyone can tap into this whether they have conjunctions or not.”

“Yes, anyone can. And the first thing that you have to do is clear conscious space that is completely blank, and not personalize it. Don’t personalize it. Like, if you say I’m looking for a new job and you say ‘Galactic Center, how do I find a new job?’ What you do is you reach out to the Galactic Center and you say what can be said to someone who’s college education is no longer providing a fulfilling range of employment, and they want to pursue something different? What can be said to that person? And then the information that comes in – 2 things about that: it’s not personal and because it’s not personal you won’t reject it. Like, if I looked at your chart and said ‘Ellie, you know what you need to do?’ You’re going to sit there and you’re going to think who the fuck is this? How does he know what I need to do? I’ve been a cosmic girl, I’ve been in Austin, I’ve been drinking my Shiner Bock every night—”

“That IS my favorite beer, by the way!”

“Ah! How did I know that?! I know what they drink in Austin.”

(Laughs and nods head in agreement hahahahaha)

“It wasn’t a psychic phenomenon, it’s like what everybody drinks there. But the information can give a jarring feeling. A lot of times, and I’ve probably done this, said to people that you must integrate the Galactic Center, and people go oh what do you know? I’m sure I’ve said that a time or 6000 along the way. And it does alienate but you’ve got to step outside of yourself and be at the point where you’re not reacting to it as a person, but you’re reacting to it as a consciousness. Those are separate things.”

“I think I get what you mean – I’m pretty sure that I do.”

“Cool, good.”

“I might put this next question up closer to where we talked about Shapley, but there is the Dipole Repeller that’s opposite Shapley. Do you ever work with that?” (I decided not to move the question lol).



“I work with where it is.”

“Where it is, you mean around 2-degrees Taurus?”

“Yeah because you know there are other things – you are gunna find that whenever you’re looking at a specific degree, you’re gunna find stuff that’s out there. And so, I work with where it is. If it is galactic and relevant to our system and impacts the rotation of where we are, as does the Galactic Center and the Super Galactic Center, I consider the opposite points. But these things that don’t steer the galaxy in a rotational manner – they pull the galaxy; they aren’t affecting the rotation…well they are affecting the rotation but they aren’t directly involved in the rotation – I don’t consider the opposite points. So, it’s a matter of if the system rotates within itself organically I will consider the opposite point. But then it’s like saying if you have a conjunction to any galactic point, an opposition to any galactic point, or square to any galactic point, it’s extraordinarily relevant.”

“Thanks for answering that. I just wanted to know if that was a rabbit hole that I needed to go down.”

“No, I don’t think that one is a rabbit hole (the Dipole Repeller). I think that if you got out there and started playing with Shapley you would be in a rabbit hole enough. There is a website called an atlas of the universe, and you can look at perspectives on there. You can look at these galactic things from different perspectives/lightyears away. It will shift your consciousness. It will be the kind of thing that will cause you to comprehend the entire sphere of things in a way that’s really, really helpful.”

“I will definitely check this out.”

“I’m going to have to jump off because I have to get on another zoom call, but I totally appreciate you doing this, and you’re hanging in there and finding a way so we’re not on YouTube.”

“I totally understand.”

“So, I appreciate your willingness to do the workaround, and all of that, and I’m assuming that you get my SkyScraping– I sent one out last night.”

“I did get it – I have not read it yet, but I did get it.”

“And I do have The Galactic Trilogy, which has a better assimilation of The Astrology of Deep Space and The Astrology of Transcendence. If you like those books, they are only out of print, you can’t get them anymore, they will not go back into print.”

“Hold on – let me show you something” (looking for books on my table – comes back to the screen holding The Astrology of Transcendence).

“Oh, well that’s well worn.” (laughs)

“Yeah, I found it online! And then wait – there’s more!” (Proceeds to hold up The Astrology of Deep Space).

“Ah! You have the other one, too! Great painting on that one, right?”

“Yes, it is! This one (The Astrology of Deep Space) was really expensive online – people were charging $200 to $300 for it. And then somebody put it up on eBay for $32 and I was like SOLD. I bought it immediately.”

“Yeah, I know. And of course, when you buy a book like that the writer gets no royalty, which is one of my favorite parts about the resale.”

“Yeah, that part kind of sucks.”

“Especially when they gouge.”

“Yeah, the gouging is fucked. Just know that with this particular one, there was no gouging.”

“Yeah that seems pretty flush with what it would probably cost. The Galactic Trilogy has three books in it – a book on heliocentric astrology, a book on basic astronomy for astrologers, and it has The Astrology for the Soul which has a huge chapter on black holes. The black holes that I have been able to research information about. It also has a huge section on the Kuiper Belt objects. It’s a must read. Oh, and you’ll also get an ephemeris for the named objects once I get the data for them, and I do update these. And there is a galactic ephemeris of thousands and thousands of points. You’ll have thousands of pages of information and data and it’s all in PDF. And there is a font that’s not particularly Mac friendly but there is a font that you can use astrologically that I designed to go with this. There is just more stuff in there than you can shake a stick at. I guarantee that if you have insomnia, this is the cure. You will have something useful that you can do at night.”

“You know, when I can’t sleep, I do like to research. I’m thinking, if I can’t sleep, I might as well be doing something useful.”

“People can reach out to my website ( or they can email me at [email protected]. If you’re interested in The Galactic Trilogy, I can send you an invoice and get that to you – it’s a lot of stuff but it’s a deal.”

“Seriously, thank you so much for coming on here and talking with me.”

“Thank you, this was enjoyable. I’m sure you’ll be in touch.”

“Yeah! I will for sure let you know when I’ve transcribed it and have it up on my blog.”

“I’m going to head off but thank you again. I’m sure I’ll be hearing from you.”

“Thank you for being here – and oh, you will!”

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