I’m going a little out of order here, I know. The next part of this series should really be about the Gemini & Sagittarius North Node/South Node Axis, but I just recently saw a question on reddit about the North Node in Leo, which gave me the idea go out of order here.

**In this post, we will take the House that the North Node falls in out of the equation and just focus on what it means to have your North Node in a specific sign (and what it means to have the South Node in the polarity sign). Usually with things having to do with the Nodal Axis (and growing into our North Node), a catalyst occurs in our lives that edges us out of the comfort of the South Node and into the uncharted territory of the North. This catalyst could be something major and life changing (such as a death, marriage, or divorce), or even something much more minor. Something will kind of shake us internally, saying “Wake up, fucker. You’re supposed to move beyond this,” whatever the “this” in the situation is. Once this waking up occurs, you will begin to move towards the North Node. Though, in all my years of study, this period of waking up usually doesn’t occur until the person’s first Saturn Return, or after it.**

North Node in Leo/South Node in Aquarius: If your North Node is in Leo, in this lifetime, your soul wanted to evolve into the feeling of being a real leader (and actually becoming one in some way). Your soul also desperately wants to be seen and heard, and front and center/in the spotlight in a way that you haven’t been able to be in a past life (or lives). The soul also has a deep need here to grow one’s sense of self, specifically the ego, and to really let yourself feel and react in natural and animated ways (both positive and negative) without restricting yourself. In past lives, with Aquarius ruling your South Node, you were probably more concerned with more universal and humanitarian issues (such as social injustices, social causes, etc), and were happy to be part of the larger collective working to better mankind. You didn’t need the spotlight and may have been content just being another cog in the wheel towards that betterment. In this life, your soul wanted to move out of the larger collective and come to the front of the stage and really shine, so to speak (possibly even by way of leading this type of collective). You wanted to be seen and heard in this lifetime, wanted to become the leader that you really are deep down and cultivate a healthy sense of ego for yourself. In regards to your relationships and feelings, you are looking for something deeper on a personal on a self level than you’ve had in your past lives as the Aquarius South Node suggests. There is a definite coolness and aloofness here that you are probably more comfortable expressing than your much more animated North Node emotions. There was also probably more emphasis in past lives placed on intellect, genius, and vision, which also caused your emotions to take a backseat. Once the evolution towards the North Node mission begins, usually from some catalyst big or small that kind of thrusts you into the big or small spotlight, you can find yourself a capable leader who just absolutely shines.

North Node in Aquarius/South Node in Leo: In this lifetime, Aquarius North Node person, your soul wanted to acheive progressiveness, working with the collective in some way, embracing the different, out-of-the-box & the weird, and the breakdown of the ego (and any self-absorbed tendencies) in favor of merging with something more universal and bigger than just yourself, and actually humbling your soul. You have probably spent a past lifetime (or several lifetimes) as the leader of the pack, in the spotlight, and front and center. There probably isn’t much of an issue with your ego based on this placement alone carried over from previous lives, and there may be a tendency to usually put yourself first before what would be best for everyone (yourself + everyone) in any given situation. You are probably naturally a very animated, lively, exuberant person (and maybe even a little dramatic at times). In this lifetime you probably crave the adoration, recognition, glamour, and luxury that you became accustomed to in previous incarnations. However, this isn’t your purpose this time around. Your soul deeply wanted to learn how to operate within the collective (not leading it), being productive and probably even visionary/genius-like in your own ideas and the ideas that you bounce around with other people. Embrace those genius, visionary, out-of-the-box, and just plain weird thoughts and ideas that you have in this lifetime! Don’t hold them back for fear of what people will think or for fear of hurting your image. Work with them, instead of against them. Instead of being as concerned with yourself as you have been in past lives, your soul wanted to focus it’s energy (and there is a lot of energy here!) towards more universal causes that impact mankind. Once the evolution into the North Node begins, usually from some type of catalyst that breaks down your sense of ego in some way, you will see that you are still special but there is more to this life and your soul’s purpose than just a sense of self and ego. So much more.

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