Here is a link to a video that I did about this same thing, for those of you that are more watchers than readers

Chiron’s Return happens about every 48-52 years – this means that if someone lives to see 50 or so years old, they will experience transit Chiron “coming home” to it’s exact position in their natal chart. Same thing is true of countries – if a country exists beyond 48 to 52 years, it, too, will see a Chiron Return.

Chiron Returns bring up Chiron’s core wounding in a chart – forcing one to acknowledge the pain and wounding that exists there. This is made easier if the person (or if the country) has already put in some work to help heal their Chiron wounding before the Return happens. Even if work has already been put in on attempting to heal Chiron during previous times in one’s life, the Return serves as a benchmark to see just what you’ve learned (and to respond accordingly). The United States has actually had 4 Chiron Return previously, so the one coming up in the 2020’s is not our first rodeo. However, this one IS a little different in that it coincides with the US’s Pluto Return (it comes in hot on the heels of the apex of the Pluto Return), while also being boxed in with the US’s Uranian Return/Uranus entering Gemini. THESE factors do make this Chiron Return a little more unique (just by virtue of being sandwiched by two other massive transit events).

For a timeline, Chiron’s Return will be going on from:
-May 23, 2022 through September 15, 2022
-March 23, 2023 through May 20, 2025
-October 12, 2025 through March 22, 2026

The reason for the time being broken up is because I use an orb of 5-degrees applying and separating between transit and natal Chiron, and during those breaks in time transit Chiron will be out of that 5-degree applying or separating orb with the US’s natal Chiron.

Chiron’s Return’s in the US (the first pass) during the height of Pluto’s Return on July 12, 2022

Just for reference, Pluto’s Return is already going on from present through December 27, 2025 (this technically started in early 2020). Transit Pluto will be conjunct the US’s natal Pluto on February 20, 2022, July 12, 2022, and on December 27, 2022. Uranus will enter Gemini “for good” (not retrograding back into Taurus) on April 26, 2026. This puts Chiron’s Return right in the middle of all of this.

The US has it’s natal Chiron at 20 Aries 08 in the 4th House. Since the US is dealing with a 4th House Chiron, it does feel to me that the wounding is very personal TO the US, specifically involving the homeland and/or the people. In Aries, this is going to deal with notions of independence, aggression, self-assurance (or even self-doubt), drive, and other Arian traits. Really, the 4th House can be rather “defensive” and Aries energy can be “offensive” – so this feels something like “the best defense is a good offense.” The US is very consumed with protecting the homeland, so this does seem like it fits. The US ALSO has it’s natal Saturn in Libra in the 10th House loosely opposite natal Chiron, which does make me think we are probably too busy playing world “peacemaker” or “negotiator” to be defensive about our own people (and the care of the people in this country) …..which also seems very apt (or defensive of our people in the “right” ways). The US is also very focused on notions of personal independence, Now, this isn’t a bad thing – there is nothing wrong with personal independence and there is nothing wrong with a country cherishing such a belief. It CAN be a problem, or wounding, for a country when personal independence is put before the welfare of ALL the people who are citizens of the country. This is something I don’t think we’ve ever fully been able to figure out – how to still value personal independence strongly while still being caring and compassionate towards those who, perhaps, personal independence isn’t as easily obtained for a whole myriad of reasons (either in the short or long term). THIS feels like it probably plays into the US’s wounding, this idea that “I have mine so FUCK EVERYONE ELSE” that seems to be very prevalent in American society. Aries energy *can* be selfish, and I do think THIS is wounding to us as a country.
***The US also has natal Chiron loosely square the Sun in the 7th in Cancer (with Leo being on the cusp of the 9th House). This makes me think that this country’s ego is more focused on the concept of the “other” (and in this case, it does feel more “other country” focused). THIS pulls at Chiron – like the more involvement we have with other countries, the less that we are able to heal Chiron’s wounding here at home (or something along those lines). I could probably go more depth, but I’ll stop there for now. We need to knock this shit off, though.

As I mentioned before, the US has seen 4 Chiron Returns in the country’s history, and these happened from 1972 – 1976, 1922-1926, and again in the 1870’s and 1820’s (I haven’t looked at the exact dates or the historical context for the ones that occurred in the 1800’s). There are definitely some historical things that occurred during the last two Chiron Returns that stand out to me (and I like to look at the history here since similar themes can come back around – time is cyclical).

During the time of the last Chiron Return in the 1970s, Watergate was going on which ended with Nixon resigning as president in 1974 (Gerald Ford became president after Nixon resigned). The US pulled out of Vietnam in 1973 with the Vietnam War coming to an end in 1975. BOTH of these things were embarrassments to the United States. I mean, lol, the Nixon thing probably should be embarrassing on it’s own (because, hahahaha, it is). It’s the Vietnam thing that gets me the most. The US didn’t appear to be embarrassed about fighting in a fucking proxy war that we didn’t need to fight in the first place or drafting people to go to war (and having to implement the draft because so many men didn’t want to fight that fucking war – that should say something right there). The US also didn’t seem to be embarrassed about the treatment of the men that fought in that war after they came home (by and large they were not treated well – THAT should be and should’ve been fucking embarrassing). But no….at the time it seems that it was most embarrassing that we were on the “losing side.” There was also a recession from 1973 – 1975 which included BOTH high unemployment and high inflation. Health insurance shit also came into play as well. Before Nixon resigned (and while he was running for re-election in 1972), he campaigned on some different ideas dealing with health care (such as having employers obligated to offer insurance to full time employees, and things of that nature). Some of what he proposed is in place today (though it didn’t happen until after he was out of office – Watergate kind of derailed his plans this way).

During the time of Chiron’s Return in the 1920’s, there was a recession that took place from May 1923 through July 1924, though this one appears to have dealt more with inflation than unemployment. Health and medical stuff came up around this time as well. Hospital and medical expense policies were introduced, and individual hospitals started offering services to individuals on a prepaid basis (I can’t actually nail down an exact date for this). President Harding died in in 1923 of a heart attack and his Vice, President Coolidge, took office). Prohibition was also going on at this time – this was started in 1919 with the Volstead Act and added as the Eighteenth Amendment to the US Constitution in 1920 (later it was repealed with the Twenty-First Amendment). Interestingly enough, Nixon enacted the “War on Drugs” a year or two before 1972 and when our most recent Chiron return started (substances were obviously illegal before this with the passing of the Harrison Act in 1914, but the War on Drugs kind of upped the game). When are we going to learn that prohibiting stuff causes more fucking problems than it solves? We can make shit illegal all day long, but where there is a will there is a way – if someone wants to get a hold of something (and we could be talking about anything here), they will find a way to get a hold of it. In this day and age, we could be talking about anything from firearms to abortion….to fucking anything. If firearms become illegal, the black market will skyrocket for them (people in this country like their guns). If abortion is made illegal, the demand won’t go away – a black market will open up for them, too. It does make me wonder if might see something else get prohibited, and this could be something completely new or something that has already been threatened with prohibition in the past.
**Both Prohibition and the War on Drugs should be fucking embarrassing for Americans because neither really tackled any of the root issues that stem from alcohol or other substances.

To sum that up, lol, there do appear to be some common themes:
-Recessions and money shit
-Health and medical shit
-Change in political leadership
-“Embarrassing” shit happening

Maybe we will take the opportunity with this Chiron Return to learn something about really defending the American people in a more compassionate and caring way? Not in the military industrial complex way (not that kind of defense if we can help ourselves – we already know about that), but perhaps, putting the American people and our interests first. I definitely think values will come into play (and perhaps even money and other resources) with Pluto’s Return happening along side all of this Chiron stuff (and Pluto’s return happening in the natal 2nd House, and natal Chiron and natal Pluto loosely squaring one another). Interesting times….lol, just interesting fucking times.



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  1. As you know, I get impressions when I read your posts: this one came through loud and clear “gun control”. The dividing line is along political party agendas. Which state loves their guns more than the rest? Texas.

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