What the Hell is a Stellium, Anyway?

The idea for this entry came to me when I answered someone’s question on reddit about stelliums. The question of “What is a stellium?”/“Do I have a stellium in my chart?”/“Tell me about my stellium!” seems to get asked a lot. Whether I’m being asked about this directly when reading a client’s chart, or I just notice people asking these questions on forums (like reddit) as I creep in the shadows and answer questions (hahahaha!), it seems like everyone has questions about stelliums. But….astrologers can’t really seem to come to a consensus as to what exactly constitutes one. This is probably because there are many different ways to read a chart, and really, it’s such an intuitive process that no one is really right or wrong. Over the 20 years that I have been doing this, I have come up with my own “guidelines” for reading stelliums in natal charts, and rules for deciding what constitutes a stellium in the first place. But before we get to all that, first a bit of pertinent information:
**A stellium is a massive group of planetary/celestial body energy in one’s natal chart in one location (such as having 4 planets in the 11th House). All of the planets might be in one house or sign, or the planets may cross over into two signs and/or two houses. Just as an example of what a stellium may look like, take a look at the First House in the photo below from my own chart.

First House Stellium of the Ascendant @ 15 Sagittarius 59, Saturn @ 21 Sagittarius 05, Uranus @ 25 Sagittarius 26 and Venus 25 Sagittarius 40.
*The Moon and Neptune, while they certainly flavor the First House here, are technically what I would consider to be out of orb for consideration of being part of the Stellium.*

And with all that said, let’s begin with my guidelines for stelliums:

1. If there are only 3 planets in conjunction with one another, and two of those planets are the Sun and Mercury, I wouldn’t consider it a stellium. Reason for this being that the Sun and Mercury are usually quite close together anyway (usually only a sign or so apart). If the Sun and Mercury are two of the planets in a Stellium, there would need to be 4 planets there all together.

2. When I look at stelliums, personally they don’t all have to be within a 10 degree orb in total, but each planet has to be within 10 degrees of the next one in line. For instance: Venus @ 3 Sag 33 to Jupiter @ 12 Sag 12 to Uranus @ 15 Sag 45. Even though Venus and Uranus are out of the 10 degree orb, they are linked by Jupiter in the middle. 

3. Sometimes I will consider the North Node as part of a stellium if it falls somewhere in the middle of the stellium/all the planetary energy. If it falls as either the 1st or last planet in the stellium, then I usually don’t count it as part of it. Though that also really depends, sometimes it just kind of feels right to include it. 

4. Since stelliums are such a massive amount of energy in one house, sometimes all that energy can be confusing and can cause some issues with the native. If there are any issues to work out, the best way to work them out is to channel that energy into the polar house (which generally gets neglected somewhat in this situation since the stellium puts so much focus on the house it is in). The only time this wouldn’t be applicable is if there is a stellium in the polar house as well (such as having stelliums in the 3rd and the 9th houses). 

5. Some people don’t like to count the major angles as part of a stellium situation, but I usually do. At the very least, they color the entire thing somewhat in the area of life that the angle rules. I don’t believe that they should be disregarded here.

6. Some astrologers feel that in order for something to be a stellium, all the planetary/celestial energy has to fall in one house of the natal chart, or in one sign. Some are okay with the energy falling in different signs as long as they all fall in the same house. Some are okay with the energy falling in different houses as long as they all fall in the same sign. And some, like yours truly, are okay with the possibility of a stellium straddling different houses and/or different signs. Oftentimes I find that what I consider to be a stellium actually ends up straddling two houses and/or two signs. We are such complex beings, that it seems like it would shortchange the person on the quest to better understand themselves to not consider something a stellium just because the planetary energy straddles two houses and/or two signs.

7. The best way that I have found to read a stellium in a natal chart is to first start by reading them as a series of conjunctions within the certain house (or houses) that they fall in. If the luminaries (the Sun and/or the Moon) are part of the stellium, I would start with one of those first and the planets that they conjunct. If neither of the luminaries exist, I would then look for the tightest conjunction between two planets and start there (in my own chart above I would begin with the very tight Venus/Uranus conjunction). Once you have a firm grasp on the energies that the series of conjunctions bring to the table, you can then merge those different planetary conjunction explainations together to give you a good idea of what the stellium in question actually means. After that, you can then look to the House that the stellium falls in to figure out the area(s) of life most affected by the energy here, as well as different aspects that the stellium makes to other planets/celestial bodies in other houses.

Disclaimer: I am not saying that I am unequivocally right here, these guidelines just work for me (and have for a very long time), and I figured that if they work and resonate for me then they might resonate with someone else as well. That’s the only reason I figured I’d throw my hat in the “what is a stellium” ring here. It really all boils down to how someone feels about a particular chart while they’re reading it. No right or wrong answer here 🙂

6 thoughts on “What the Hell is a Stellium, Anyway?

  1. I am.trying to find a way to figure out my 7th house stellium, i was born at 13.9.1974 at 17:45 summer time. I am single, and the fact is that i struggle with a mix of energies in relationships.


  2. Hey 🙂

    There is A LOT going on with your 7th house. Honestly, what catches my eye along with the stellium of the Sun/Mars/Pluto (Vertex and Venus have different stories to tell), is that the 7th house and the 1st are intercepted (with Pisces and Virgo falling in interception). And all that planetary energy falling in interception. Before even looking at the Stellium, I would focus on pulling those houses out of interception (for until you do this, that Stellium energy will feel “foggy”, from the POV of the Sun since Mars and Pluto aren’t in intercepted Virgo).

    Honestly, the more I look at your chart, the less I am inclined (based on a feeling) to call the Sun/Mars/Pluto thing a Stellium in the 7th. I am actually more inclined to think of Mars, Pluto and Mercury as a Stellium in Libra over the 7th & 8th houses.

    The way to pull those houses from interception is to look at the ruler of the signs in interception (in your case, Mercury and Neptune. I would actually look at Neptune first. Really learn how Neptune, and Mercury, operate in your life and how to use them to your highest benefit.


    1. Thank you, well i do have fog in my life. I am trying to resolve it but without any success. Isent venus part of the stellium? I want relationship, but have no success , i also blame my 5th house saturn.


      1. Hey again 🙂

        No, Venus is not part of all of this….it is way too far out of orb. It IS in interception, which will cause some fogginess in regards to your concept of love, how you love, how you need to be loved in return, etc.

        Your 5th house Saturn *could* play a role in this being difficult for you. I would really look into your intercepted houses, though. I feel like the key to what you want is probably hidden there.


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