A little light introduction into the magic of the Galactic Center

I have never written about the Galactic Center, but it has been a focus of mine and on my radar for well over a year and a half (probably closer to two years at this point). Natalie (my partner in crime) and myself have tossed around ideas about the Galactic Center (the GC) – even during the process of creating the Star Cards, we would still toss around ideas about the GC here and there. So, earlier this year after the release of the Star Cards, we put out a “call” to anyone who might have planets conjunct or opposite the Galactic Center. For anyone who is interested about the original post on our subreddit, r/letsfuckwithastrology, here is the link:

Why did I post that here? Because this post actually gives a decent over-view of where our minds were at the time that we put out this “call” to anyone who may have planets conjunct the GC or opposing the GC. Also, the post tells you how to pull the GC on your own chart. It isn’t a fixed star, but it moves very, very slowly like a fixed star moves – currently it is at roughly 27-degrees Sagittarius. Below you will find my chart with the GC pulled so you can get an idea of what the symbol will look like when you pull it in your own chart.

The Galactic Center is in the cluster fucked 1st House, where the symbol “*Gala 26 41” is in the house. So….for reasons that you can see from the chart, the Galactic Center, and understanding it better, are VERY personal to me.

The Galactic Center is thought to be several things – a lifeline or phoneline to other dimensions (to the great unknown), the source of all creation, a place from where “divine” information comes from, and other magical things. The reddit user u/6footsiren put it beautifully when they called the GC a “command center” – this definitely feels like a very apt way to think of it. Mayan’s called the GC, the center of our galaxy, “Hunab Ku” which they considered to be the supreme Godhead. The Mayan’s seemed to work quite a bit with the GC from an astrological perspective, but it isn’t as worked with across the board in the astrological community today….which, I think, should be changed. Scientifically, the Galactic Center is a super-massive black hole in the center of our galaxy (our Sun orbits the GC, so some have theorized that the GC is like a “hidden” luminary in the chart). There is a radio source that is found to come from the GC (which is why it has the name Sagittarius A – that’s what the source is called) that was discovered in 1974….which, lol, is weird (this radio source is particularly “bright” and “complex”… and coming from the center of our galaxy). It is hidden from the human eye due to all the space dust and other shit that is obscuring it from view, though the GC itself is not hidden from the human eye.

When I found out about the GC a long time ago, it didn’t catch my attention the way it did about two years ago (I guess it wasn’t the time for it to catch my attention a long time ago). But once it really caught my attention, it REALLY caught my attention (and caught Natalie’s attention, too) and got us thinking about the nature of black holes in general. I’m not going to use the correct word here, but they do something like “suck” things into them….and once that something in space is sucked into them, they are fundamentally changed. They go through a process of spaghettification that pulls the object vertically and horizontally, completely changing the object in question. This then got us thinking……is that what happens to planets in the natal chart when they are conjunct the GC? Obviously the planet isn’t falling into a black hole in real life, but in terms of the natal chart it seems like having planets conjunct the GC would fundamentally CHANGE them (and actually here I’m thinking this change could be more like a “CHARGE”). There is just something SO Uranian about the GC as it is (to me the GC feels very Uranian in the way that retrograde planets and out of bounds planets tend to have an affinity to Uranian energy ). There is also something very Plutonian about the GC as well, the “transformative” aspect of it.

On the other side of the sky is the Galactic Anti-Center, which is next to a very bright star and is a much “calmer” area of the galaxy over all. There is a lot of space dust going in this area, which makes me wonder if the brightness of the star Elnath (which is close to the anticenter) and the space dust might cause planets opposite the GC to be “fogged” over – harder to access in some way, harder to “see” in real life. I have seen the anti-center as theorized as where the information from the GC can be brought down to “Earth.” I can see that train of thought, and have played around with it myself, but from a scientific point of view, it doesn’t quite make sense. The Anti-Center is 1/3 distance from Earth, and the GC is 2/3 of the way from Earth (that’s probably a really crude estimate, but you get the idea)….which makes me think that where the information from the GC is brought down to Earth is actually at the point in the chart where the 2/3 and 1/3 meet. This is also the place where any planets opposite the GC are best able to be seen.
**Since the GC is thought of as a phoneline to other dimensions, there is a theory that the GC gives people information from “somewhere else,” and other things along those lines. While I think this is possible for anyone, I do think it’s probably stronger for those with actual planets/cardinal points/etc. conjunct the GC.
******I’m very on the fence about the Galactic Anti-Center, and what it actually DOES mean. I KNOW it means SOMETHING, just not totally sure WHAT (and exactly HOW they impact planets conjunct it)*******

I will definitely be writing more on this subject because I don’t think it’s talked about enough in Astrology or used enough in practice. All of this research is to be able to use the GC better, and to understand it better. For now though, I have made some videos on some stuff about the GC that has been noticed by both myself and Natalie (I will link them below for anyone who is interested in order). Eventually I will write out the stuff that I talk about in the videos, lol, at some point. If you only wanna watch one, I would watch the 5th one…this stuff is really on my radar right now at the moment.

If anyone wants to be a part of the research, email me and let me know 🙂 I’ll send you the questionnaire that we shot to people via reddit.

More to come….later…..as the research unfolds.

5 thoughts on “A little light introduction into the magic of the Galactic Center

  1. Not sure what this means for me, but it’s interesting that the charts I posted today have Venus in one chart and Neptune in the other within 3° of the Galactic Center as shown in your chart above. Something to think about…


    1. Yeah, that Venus is definitely close in the chart you posted today. The IC is also pretty close (I’d definitely consider it, too).

      It is most definitely something to think about ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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