Galactic Center Thoughts part XXIII or The Starseed Thing

Here is a video I did about this same thing if you’re more of a watcher than a reader 🙂

I have been hesitant to approach this topic…..the topic of Starseeds and how this notion might tie in with the Galactic Center. Why have I been hesitant to “go there”? I think it’s for a couple of different reasons. Some of it might have to do with the fact that there really isn’t a whole lot that is “tangible” about the notion of “starseeds” or about BEING a starseed (it’s COMPLETELY based off of a feeling of knowing – nothing that can really be proven or disproven as of now). The feeling of knowing is important though (I’m not brushing this off). I mean, I’m someone who DOES deal in and do past life work for clients and there is no way to prove a past life exists or not, either (this also deals heavily on the feeling of knowing, too). The difference, I think, between what I do for clients in terms of past life work and the notion of being a starseed in my mind (and how one feels more tangible than the other, to me anyway) has to do with the fact that I’m looking at a natal chart and coming up with your past life story based on things IN your natal chart (and not just pulling ideas out of my ass). I try to make these notions tangible to the client, as well, by explaining my process and why I come to the conclusions that I come to.  Another reason I think I haven’t wanted to dive down the starseed rabbit hole has to do with the way that starseed material is presented to the general public BY the general public. It’s all so fluffy…there isn’t usually a whole bunch that you can really sink your teeth into (it also feels incredibly disconnected from reality a lot of the time). I can definitely deal with things that are disconnected from reality (I find stuff like this fascinating to think about, and I wouldn’t always claim to be personally connected to Earth all of the time, lol), but I do like to try to bring theories down to Earth or make them tangible in some way.

With all that said though, I do think starseeds (or Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children) probably DO exist. I also think, with as weird of a fucking place as the Galactic Center is (and even the Super Galactic Center, Galactic Anti-Center, whatever opposes the Super Galactic Center, and the Great Attractor), I think it’s very possible you might find starseeds having conjunctions to any of these things in the natal chart. This wouldn’t be the only thing to look for, though (I don’t mean that ONLY people who have GC, SGC, whatever opposes the SGC, GaC, and GA conjunct natal planets and points are starseeds) – it would have to be a bunch of different factors coming into play in the chart that would tip a chart weaver off to the idea that “okay, this client *might* be a starseed,” and then proceed from there. The Galactic Grand Cross and the Great Attractor stuff might catch my eye first for looking for this kind of thing, though.

Okay, so there are a bunch of different starseeds that one could be so I won’t go into all of them in this blog post (or their respective descriptions – you can find a plethora of information on this online already lol), but I will touch on some of the groups. The purpose of all of this is to try and make the starseed thing more tangible via the natal chart (an experiment if you will). Below you will see a list of some of the major starseed groups based off of where they originate, along with a list of things that you can pull in the natal chart under the “extended chart selection” on My advice? If there is a certain type of starseed that you think you might be, pull some of these fixed stars and asteroids in your own natal chart and see if you get any “hits” in your natal chart (such as conjunctions between a natal planet and something on this list within 1.5 degrees applying or separating).

Orion Starseeds
-fixed star Mintaka
-fixed star Rigel (or Rigel, beOri)
-fixed star Betelgeuse (or Betelgeuse, alOri)
-fixed star Bellatrix

Andromedan Starseeds
-fixed star Sirrah
-fixed star Alpheratz
-fixed star Almach
-fixed star Mirach

Pleiadian Starseeds
-fixed star Alcyone
-fixed star Atlas
-fixed star Celaeno
-fixed star Electra
-fixed star Maia
-fixed star Merope
-fixed star Pleione
-fixed star Sterope
-fixed star Taygeta

Draconian Starseeds
-fixed star Thuban
-fixed star Etamin
-fixed star Eltanin
-fixed star Rastaban
-fixed star Athebyne
-fixed star Alrakis

Sirian Starseeds
-fixed star Sirius

Lyran Starseeds
-fixed star Vega

Arcturian Starseeds
-fixed star Arcturus

Anunnaki Starseeds
-Nibru (h49)
-Sumeria (1970)

Polarian Starseeds
-fixed star Polaris

This is a list in progress. If you have any other ideas of things that could be pulled, let me know. Asteroid’s DNA, Spirit, Alma, and a few others are on my radar for this purpose, I’m just not totally sure how I would fit them in the mix yet. There is also an asteroid that I remember seeing before that meant “starchild” or something like that, but I can’t remember the number. I will have to look into this more, too.

10 thoughts on “Galactic Center Thoughts part XXIII or The Starseed Thing

    1. THIS particular thought actually seems to be debated for some reason (lol don’t really know why). I agree with you, though (just didn’t feel like getting into all of that in the post hahahahahahaha)

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  1. My theory on starseed: The Earth is 4bil years old. In 100mil years, we’ve gone through multiple phases of dinosaurs and several branches of human species. Given the size of the universe and evolutionary jumps always around the corner of possibility, I think we are evolved from even older species that at some point were here on Earth. Quantum superposition states all realities occur simultaneously and entanglement states all molecules are connected infinitely regardless of space between. So starseeds may just be more “awoken” to this and can better connect with those star families in their respective parts of the universe. And to dive deeper on starseeds, they’re just aliens that are evolved differently or more advanced. There are more complicated ranges of life than that of 1,2 and 3d. We’re just limited to 3 due to our evolution. So in the end, to me, starseeds is just aliens and evolution. Aka, science.


      1. Just a heads up, I sent you an email about your galactic center research. I have I believe two points in GC and two in Kaus Australius as well as double fire stelliums. Figured that all might help you in plot pointing and such.


      2. I see the email and just shot you a reply back! Thank you for your interest and wanting to help ^_^


  2. Re that “starchild” asteroid, Ellie, there’s #2432 Soomana (which means Star Girl in the Hopi language) and asteroid #2433 Sootiyo (which means Star Boy in the Hopi language). Could it be either or both of these?


    1. YES! Those are the ones that I was thinking of! Thank you so much!!

      I would think that either/both of them could be used 🙂


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