This past week I have been researching some more into the Galactic Center, and more specifically the Grand Cross that is formed between the Galactic Center, the Super Galactic Center, the Galactic Anti-Center, and whatever the fuck opposes the Super Galactic Center (I don’t know what this is yet, but I know there is SOMETHING there). Since a Grand Cross is a series of squares connecting different things in the chart, it got me thinking about square aspects in general. Now, obviously, with the Grand Cross aspect pattern in a chart (any kind of Grand Cross, GC related or not), actually balancing the oppositions is key. However, when looking at square aspects in general I have always felt that the midpoint between the square aspects can be used as a way to funnel the tension of the square aspect (thus becoming a place to release the tension).

So, back to the GC and the “Galactic Grand Cross” (that’s what I’m calling it for now, lol) – I decided to do the midpoints between each of the different squares in the Galactic Grand Cross. When you do this, you get:
**Midpoint between the GC and the SGC = 15-degrees Scorpio
**Midpoint between the SGC and the GaC = 15-degrees Leo
**Midpoint between the GaC and whatever opposes the SGC = 15 -degrees Taurus
**Midpoint between the GC and whatever opposes the SGC = 15-degrees Aquarius
***The above COULD vary slightly depending on the degrees of the GC/GaC/SGC/whatever opposes the SGC when you were born/for the chart that you’re looking at. The calculations above were taken from the current placements of the Galactic Grand Cross.

These all happen to be at 15-degrees of the fixed signs (and if you read stuff about 15-degrees of the fixed signs, usually some less than stellar things are said). I’ve never been so negative and fatalistic about degrees in a natal chart (I’m not fatalistic when reading a natal chart, period – all that fatalistic shit can suck a dick), so I’ve always kind of blown this line of thinking off (the line of thinking that 15-degrees of a fixed sign ALWAYS means something bad). There IS another line of thinking about these particular degrees that I do think is very interesting, especially in the context of the GC, and that’s the idea of 15-degrees of the fixed signs being “Avatar Points” or “Gates of the Avatars.” This isn’t a “new” concept to me, but it IS a new concept to me in terms of thinking of Avatar Points in relation to the GC. There are also some different names this concept might have if you look it up for yourself.

First though – A few definitions:

Avatar“a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher.”
(There are other ones, but this one popped up first and I like it lol)
Another good (and more ancient) definition is “a release of energy.”

Avatar Gates – essentially these are thought to be at 15-degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), and they are important since they are the midpoints between the solstice and equinox points in the natal chart (another tie to midpoints!). These parts of the chart, 15-degrees of the fixed signs, are thought to be a place that allows energy to release from The Source and to come through the native (and if there happens to be a planet at 15-degrees of the fixed signs as a vehicle for this “Source energy” to come through, this is made all the stronger).
**Typically, the Winter and Summer Solstice’s are thought of as being at 0-degrees Capricorn and 0-degrees Cancer, with the Spring and Autumn equinoxes being at 0-degrees Aries and 0-degrees Libra. However, with the GC currently at 27-degrees Sagittarius, the GaC at 27-degrees Gemini, the SGC at 2-degrees Libra, and whatever opposes the Super GC @ 2-degrees Aries, these are ALL very close to those solstice and equinox points in the chart (or the 0-degrees Aries Points/0-degrees of the cardinal signs).
**I also want to make mention quickly that the Avatar Gates are a thing even if one doesn’t have any conjunctions to the GC, to the SGC, to the GaC, or a conjunction to whatever opposes the SGC. For the context of THIS post, I’m looking at them solely from the lens of the Galactic Grand Cross.

The theory of the Avatar Gates in the context of the GC stands out to me because I already do feel like the GC is some kind of lifeline or tie to other dimensions or other places (among a lot of other shit). Having the midpoints of the Galactic Grand Cross touching these Avatar Gates makes me think that these particular points in the chart *could* be a way that The Source energy from the GC comes through the person and down to Earth (not so much dealing with the translation OF this energy – that does seem much more trines to the GC related). It also seems like any tension that might exist between the different square aspects of the Galactic Grand Cross could be eased via these Avatar Gates. It does seem like people that have a planet conjunct the GC (or even conjunct the GaC, SGC, or even conjunct whatever is opposite the SGC), and ALSO have some planet conjunct 15-degrees of one (or multiple) of the fixed signs, might be able to understand source energy that comes from the GC even more clearly (since there is an actual entry point for such energy in the first place – an entry point that isn’t solely twisting, changing, and transforming the energy of the GC…since this is what the GC does to anything that touches it). It seems like any planet that happens to be conjunct one of the Avatar Gates in the chart of someone with Galactic Grand Cross conjunctions might make the planet (or planets) conjunct the Avatar Gate(s) even more important. UNDERSTANDING this planet (or these planets) feels like it would be really important so the person could use the planetary energy to their benefit.
**When looking at conjunctions to the Avatar Gates, I would look at planets from 13 through 17 degrees of the fixed signs. Obviously though, the closer to 15 degrees that you can get, the better vehicle that planet probably will be to serve this “gate” purpose.

Let’s talk about the gates for just a second. There are archetypes for each of the gates (which do go along with the signs that they happen to reside):
**15- degrees Taurus – Taurus Gate or Bulls Gate
**15-degrees Leo – Leo Gate or Lion’s Gate
**15-degrees Scorpio – Scorpio Gate or Eagles Gate (personally I prefer “Phoenix Gate” here, but to each their own)
**15-degrees Aquarius – Aquarius Gate or Angels Gate (personally, I like to think of this as the “Gate of the Enlightened Human,” but to each their own).

The Bulls Gate deals with individual self-worth and value, and the power that can be found through security and stability in these notions. The Lions Gate deals with creativity and boldness, and the power that can be found through expressing such. Both of these gates are more subjective in nature (and more focused on the individual). The Phoenix Gate/Eagle Gate deals with deep ties to another person (or other people), and the power of the influence this could have. The Gate of the Enlightened Human/Angel Gate deals with ties to the collective in more universal and humanistic ways, and the power that can be found through this influence.

When I think about these gates in correlation with the Galactic Grand Cross, specifically the GC since that’s what a bulk of my research has been focused on, I automatically think of the “Wheel of Fortune” tarot card.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card for those that aren’t familiar

Not only does this card have the Bull, the Lion, the Eagle/Phoenix, and the Angel/Enlightened Human ON the fucking card, the Wheel of Fortune ALSO has a correlation with Sagittarius energy. THIS really stands out to me since Sagittarius is where the GC actually falls. There is also the “knowledge” aspect on this card per the symbol of books being read, and the fucking snake (which I take to be like the snake in the Garden of Eden who got Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge). Sagittarius is a very knowledge focused sign, and the GC feels like it can be a place of divine downloads/divine knowledge coming through. Not only those things, but notice the Egyptian/Sphinx looking thing sitting at the top of the Rota Fortunae (and the ancient Egyptians….they knew a fucking thing or two – they seemed to have divine or “Source” knowledge in spades). Anubis also is featured on the card, and this Egyptian deity dealt with ushering souls into the afterlife and regeneration. BOTH of these notions feel very GC-esque as well. The GC doesn’t deal with death and regeneration in the way that Scorpio does, but anything that does happen to touch the GC (or actually fall into the GC) WILL BE CHANGED. At the same time, though, there are stars that are formed IN the GC (which means that while things may be changed, they don’t necessarily die – they are “reborn” or have the capacity to be reborn).
**There is also some Christian imagery/correlations on the card that I want to point out. What I’m correlating with the Avatar Gates on the Wheel of Fortune card (The Bull, The Lion, The Eagle/Phoenix, and The Enlightened Human/Angel) actually have ties to the Four Evangelists, or Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Luke is represented by the Bull, Mark is represented by the Lion, John is represented by the Eagle, and Matthew is represented by the Angel. Their gospels don’t go in the same order as the signs of the zodiac – the line up actually starts with Matthew, then Mark, then Luke, then John, but regardless I do find this very interesting. Even more interesting are the words T-A-R-O spelled out on the card (or R-O-T-A or T-O-R-A depending on where you start), along with the Hebrew letters for “YHWH” (which is the Hebrew word for God). My mind is making some connections with things from this point of view, but I’m not ready to touch any of that….even with a 10 foot pole.
***There is another card in tarot which also has all 4 symbols on it, and that is The World.

Basically, ALL of this makes me think that these Avatar Gates are important regardless, but for people who have Galactic Grand Cross conjunctions…. if they also happen to have a planet (or planets) conjunct these Avatar Gates (or an Avatar Gate), there is a bunch of knowledge and power that can enter the person in, perhaps, more stable or concrete ways than this knowledge is given/downloaded to the person via the GC (I could, maybe, even say that divine energy can flow through more easily as well – though that might be a reach as of now and this theory being in the earlier stages). I bring up the stable thing because there is a fixed/concrete quality to the fixed signs (just due to the nature of them being “fixed” signs). Like the GC (and even the Wheel of Fortune tarot card), though, I feel like the power that this planet/these planets pack can go in either an easy or challenging way for the person (or maybe even a little bit of both). With great power comes great responsibility kind of thing. Let’s play around with this just for shits and giggles:
-Let’s say someone had their Mars conjunct the GC, with their Sun at 16-degrees Aquarius (conjunct the Angel’s/Enlightened Human’s Gate). Their drive, independence, and aggression (among other Mars notions) are going to be changed, warped, charged, and transformed per the Mars conjunct the GC’s influence. The kind of downloads the person might get could have to do with their impulses and instinct (when to act, when not to act, etc.). The GC can be a confusing place, though, so the person may not always know exactly WHAT to do with their Mars or the downloads that it receives (how confusing Mars actually would end up being would depend a lot on everything else going on in this hypothetical chart). With this person’s Sun conjunct the Angel’s gate, it seems like divine Source energy might come to them/enter them through their sense of self so that they can use this in humanistic and collective kinds of ways (and by utilizing this within their sense of self, it might actually help to make their drive, and other Mars notions, more clear to them…along with any downloads they get with Mars conjunct the GC). This would obviously be tailored to whatever house the 16-Aquarius Sun falls in this hypothetical chart (along with the house that the GC falls).
**Since this theory is still a work in progress, it does seem like the actual square aspect between the GC and whatever opposes the SGC would come into play – though I’m still not sure exactly WHAT opposes the SGC, lol. Even so, the Sun in the hypothetical case above could serve as an outlet for the stress between the two points, meaning the way that person decided to utilize their Sun would be very important. Do they use this for the “good” or for the “bad”? That sounds dramatic, but because of the amount of power at this midpoint, it seems like the choice really is up to the person….how they use The Source energy that can flow through this midpoint.


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12 Responses

  1. I did want to let you know that every year on July 25th is called the Day out of Time and that day is the Planatary New Year. On the 26th of July each year is the Galactic New Year! Maybe that will help you in some way. Love and LIGHT

  2. The Central Sun/Source/Creator Energies of Pure Divine LIGHT flow from there to and through the galactic Sun and all spreading out and breaking down then flows through Our Sun into us! These are codes, downloads, uploads, upgrades, etc. If you take a look at what the sun is doing it then sends it all around and over and through the Earth Mother Gaia. They also flow into people that are open to it. It is Prana. CHI! Those that are deeply mindcontrolled by MSM, etc. have made the choice not to accept It! If taken the jab 2x and all the boosters they are biorobots now. No conscious! Everyone Ellie has made their decision and choice. Those who made the Decision to move forward and change are the ones receiving these energies! You must be ready to let of Everything and had enough! Those who chose to stay where they are or look to what was will regress. There is a seperation taking place between these.

  3. What do you think of part of fortune natal conjunct the GC? I can’t find any readings on it! Also have 13 degree Leo Sun !!!! Aaaaaaa

    • Now this is very interesting. For this I would want to see your chart since where Jupiter is in your chart will play into how the PoF functions (this is the case with the PoF in general – planetary ruler matters a lot).

      Just shooting from the hip, though, I might think there could be a latent “talent” that ties into the GC within you (since the PoF can deal with talents). PoF is also incredibly personal since it’s calculated from the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant….and with the GC lighting this very personal point up, I do wonder if it kind of “electrifies” your Sun, Moon, and Rising, too.

      I might just have to explore THIS particular thing a little more 🙂

      • Thanks for writing this article! I have Neptune conjunct GC and Moon at 12 degrees Scorpio so 3 degrees away from 15. However because of the degrees that GC and SGC were at my birth, my Moon is almost exactly semisquare GC. Astro gives a 0° orb. I also have a Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 1H so the phoenix is quite a theme in my life so far…

        • Hi Ellie my name is Michelle Nicole. I’m currently digging into n.y chart and im very grateful for your work because I can’t find more information anywhere.

          I have Saturn at 26° Sagittarius, I have Uranus at 27° Sagittarius, and my sun is at 15° Leo.

          I am interested because I’ve heard of saturn being associated with the L or El. And I have el in my name 3 times. El also means messenger of God.

          I have had the MOST SUPERNATURAL life. I have died 6 times. One of those times was at precisely midnight, 12:00 12/01/2012 which without the zeros is 12121212.
          When I died this time I met a pink lightbody that I just learned today is the Omega point.

          I I believe my 7th time doing will be my final time. My name, if covering the Els to 7’s would be mich77 nico7 Newton. Nico means to conquer.

          If you feel like adding to anything ive learned so fast please do. I feel a bit lost. And all the gods taking to me is making me feel more confused.
          Saturn is the father? Like, YAWAY? Anu keeps talking to me And its unnerving and I keep finding myself in contact with humans walking down the Anunaki path. Please help if you have any clarity.

          Ive had so many OTHER WORLDLY things happen to me and I just need better understanding. Grey aliens freak me tf out, and I see them and when I see then I know stuff about them.

          Its difficult to have these experiences and stay ripped in reality in a place where the other people on reality have no flipping clue what’s real. )’:

          Thank you for your time and work, I appreciate you. Much lovelight to all reading.


          • Hi Michelle 🙂

            Ooooh! Saturn and Uranus conjunct the GC and the Sun in Leo at the Leo Avatar Gate ^_^ That’s pretty cool.

            It sounds like you have had some really interesting (and otherworldly/supernatural) experiences throughout your life! It’s pretty cool (but also pretty confusing….or something like it at the same time. I totally get what you mean when you say “it’s difficult to have these experiences and stay ripped in reality” (different kinds of experiences on my end, but I definitely get the sentiment).

            I’m not sure how much I can help you (or add in) without actually seeing your chart and how the entire chart weaves together (along with weaving in the stuff that you mentioned). If you ever wanna book a reading with me, we can look into this stuff more for sure! Shoot me an email at [email protected] or go to my menu of services if interested ^_^

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