Oooooh yes – when I saw this fucker died the other day, and under similar weird circumstances as Epstein, I knew this would be a death chart I would dig into. Just for reference, Jean-Luc Brunel was the head of Karin Models and founded MC2 Modeling Agency (which was backed with Epstein’s money). He was stopped in December 2020 by French Police from boarding a plane to Senegal and was accused of several rape allegations spanning several decades (and they detained him for this). Brunel was formally indicted on one count of rape in September 2021.
……and then, around 1:00 – 1:30 am (accounts vary) on February 19, 2022, he was found to have hung himself in his cell in Paris by the guards doing one of the five overnight checks.

I can’t be the only person this strikes as extremely fucking weird (lol, I know I’m not). I also don’t think he killed himself. Lets take a look at some charts:

This is the chart for when Jean-Luc Brunel was found in his cell at 1:30 am on February 19, 2022 in Paris France

**Just a quick couple of things about reading these kinds of charts:
-The Ascendant/1st House cusp and the chart ruler represent the victim
-The Descendant/7th House cusp and the planetary ruler of the 7th House represents the perpetrator (or catalyst)
-Moon is always co-ruler in these charts
-You *usually* want to stick to traditional rulership with these kinds of charts. I don’t *always* follow this rule if I feel called to use modern rulership, but for the charts in this blog post, I did stick with traditional rulership.

I just want to make mention first that this is NOT when he died (I will get to the chart for when I think the time of death may have been a little further down in the post). The chart above is specifically for when he was found in his cell (and I went with 1:30 am as the time since more news outlets seem to be using that time than the 1 am time). Here are some things that stand out to me:
-He is represented by the Ascendant in Scorpio, along with Mars in Capricorn in the 2nd House. With Sagittarius actually on the cusp of the 2nd House, and Pluto and Mars falling in Capricorn, I’m thinking he definitely had some solid (Capricorn) knoweldge (Sagittarius) about something (I do think his resources were involved in why he died – and specifically here, this does feel “knowledge” or “understanding” based). From Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, you would go to Saturn in Aquarius in the 3rd House (where the chain of dispositions ends). Since the disposition chain ends in an intercepted sign, we probably won’t ever be given the information of exactly what happened to him (and I bring up information because the sharing of information is a 3rd House thing).
-The 4th House/IC has Pisces on the cusp with both the planetary rulers of Pisces (Neptune and Jupiter) in this house in Pisces. This makes me think that he was in his “home” (lol his cell) which makes sense because that is where he was found dead. There is also a possible tie to family involvement here, or the family being involved in the death of the person. I use the term “family” loosely here since Pisces in general is a more fluid sign – I don’t think this has to necessarily be his “blood family,” but I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever did this (or ordered this) was someone who felt like “family” (or was tied to his notion of “family” in some way). The disposition chain ends here.
-The 7th House has Taurus on the cusp, with Venus falling in the 2nd House (and conjunct one of the markers for him, Mars). This does kind of make me think that money was a motivation here (Taurus energy deals with money), though I definitely still think what Brunel knew was also part of the motivation, too – Venus in Capricorn (the planetary dispositor of Taurus on the cusp of the 7th House) falls in the 2nd House and conjunct Mars in Capricorn (which is one of the planetary markers for Brunel). The ruler of the 7th House in the 2nd House in charts like these can indicate a “robbery.” I put this in quotes because I don’t think he was actually robbed of any belongings – just snuffed out and robbed of his knowledge. From Venus in Capricorn you would move to Saturn in Aquarius, and the chain of dispositions would end here. This person got in and got the hell out quickly.
–I also think with Taurus on the cusp of the 7th House, you’re probably looking for someone who is “sturdy” in build, maybe a little on the shorter side for a man, and probably appears pretty well put together. I might also think of someone who has a slow-burning temper (and wouldn’t fly off the handle – this is a calculated fucker).
-The 10th House has Virgo on the cusp with Mercury in the 3rd House in Aquarius (and intercepted). This makes me think that the person who did this got in and got the hell out of that prison/jail (I don’t think it was an actual guard involved in this, but I wouldn’t doubt it if someone got in (somehow, someway) and then impersonated one). From there you would go to Saturn in Aquarius by traditional rulership (also in the 3rd House) which definitely makes me think they got the hell out of prison/jail quickly (“short distance” travel is something else this house deals with). The disposition chain ends here.
–Virgo on the cusp of the 10th House makes me think the whole thing was incredibly organized
**The Moon is also in the 10th House, and since the Moon is always the co-ruler of these charts, it makes sense that THIS is when he would be found since the 10th House is so out in the open and public.

Noooooowwww, here is the chart when I actually think he may have died (or sometime around THIS time):

Chart for when I think Brunel may have actually died – 10:30 pm on February 18th, 2022 in Paris, France

This, to me anyway, looks more like a “death chart.” In this chart, you have the Moon, which is always co-ruler of these charts, in the 12th House. This *can* point to someone passing on (might be part of a death pattern). Also, since Cancer is on the cusp of the 10th House (10th House can represent law enforcement and the handling of the case, the way the public views the case, even stuff dealing with the perpetrator), and the Moon is in the 12th House, I’m thinking that it’s very possible that someone is keeping something about his death hidden and we’ll probably never know all the details.
**The Moon is also conjunct the fixed stars Labrum (which can indicate “dishonest income) and Alkaid (which can indicate “death”).
-He is represented by the Libra Ascendant and Venus in Capricorn. Technically, Venus is in the 3rd House, but since it is conjunct the IC/4th House cusp, I would probably read it in both. I almost wonder if with the 3rd House involvement, if maybe he was moved around a bit before passing (like moved to another location in the prison/jail to be “offed”). Since it is so close to the 4th House, this definitely shows Brunel being at “home” (which was the jail/prison). From Venus in Capricorn you would move to Saturn in Aquarius in the 4th House, and this is where the chain of dispositions ends. This makes sense since he was found in his cell dead. I won’t go into the 4th House dispositions since the planetary ruler of the 4th House, Saturn, falls in the 4th House in Aquarius. Since Capricorn is on the cusp of the 4th House, this feels more like someone that was a part of his “business” family more than anything (this is the kind of “family” I think makes sense here).
-The 7th House in this chart has Aries on the cusp, with Mars in Capricorn as the planetary dispositor. This makes me think that the perpetrator had some kind of opening to do this (I’m wondering if all the international chaos in the world plays into this at all? Lots of things to distract the masses at the moment), and took impulsive action. Don’t get this impulse mistaken, though – Mars in Capricorn is strategic as fuck, and I do think this strategy had been in the works for a while (but the opening hadn’t presented itself before then). When this opening presented itself, the perpetrator acted on it quickly and impulsively. From Mars in Capricorn, you would move on to Saturn in Aquarius in the 4th House. They did their job and got the fuck out (the other chart echoes this notion).
**It’s interesting that in both of these charts the planetary rulers are flipped – in the top chart, Brunel’s marker is Mars in Capricorn, and the marker for the perpetrator is Venus in Capricorn. In the second chart, the marker for Brunel is Venus in Capricorn, and the marker for the perpetrator is Mars in Capricorn. This, in my opinion, makes that Mars/Venus conjunction really important.
**The fixed star Sheliak is at 18-degrees 53 minutes Capricorn conjunct Mars and Venus. This star can indicate a few different things, but some of the main ones are “trouble with authority” and “death by violence.”
-In this particular chart, his reported death makes more sense. Taurus is on the cusp of the 8th House, and Taurus rules over the throat (which, if he did die by hanging (or strangulation)….and I am inclined to think that he did, it makes a lot of sense). In these charts, the 8th House can show the manner of death. There are no planets IN the 8th House, but the North Node does fall there. This does make me think, if anything, that this might have been kind of “meant to be” if you will (or something kind of fated about the timing of this whole thing).
**And take a look at where that North Node is…at 26-degrees 30 minutes Taurus, which happens to be conjunct the fixed star Algol at 26-degrees 10 minutes Taurus. Algol can indicate “loosing your head,” strangulation, danger to the throat and neck, murder, and violence. Now, I also realize that the North Node moves a little more slowly, but this happening to be in the 8th House of this chart, along with the planetary ruler of the North Node, Venus, conjunct Sheilak, indicating “death by violence…..this just doesn’t seem like a suicide to me.

Here’s the $64,000 question: If Epstein didn’t kill himself, and Brunel didn’t kill himself……then why the fuck is Jizzlane Maxwell still alive?



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