When looking at a particular planet in house overlays, the planet person will be affecting the house person with the energy of that particular planet, primarily in the area of life that the house in question deals with. In the case of this post, we’ll be looking at how Saturn in one person’s chart affects the other person’s chart by way of the house it falls in. Saturn is a teacher (not always an easy teacher, but a teacher none-the-less), and usually the lessons that Saturn has to teach in Synastry have something to do with responsibility, restriction (not all restriction is bad all of the time), maturity, stabilization, and getting serious. Some people need the lessons that the Saturn person is in their lives to teach, and some don’t (it really depends on the natural inclination of the house person). For reference, below is an example of Saturn in House overlays. **This is strictly JUST looking at the energy between Saturn and the house that it falls in in synastry, not taking into account any other aspects (such as other planets in your partner’s house), which, of course will color how you will want to interpret everything.**

Example of Saturn in House Overlays: The inner person’s (in blue) Saturn hitting the 9th House of the outer person (in red). The red person’s Saturn hits the blue person’s 11th house.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 7th House: The lesson that Saturn has to teach here is absolutely about commitment, responsiblity, and staying power in intimate relationships. The synastry aspect of your Saturn falling in your partner’s 7th house can indicate a real responsibility and commitment that the Saturn person will bring out in the house person. Depending on other synastry aspects, these lessons may be welcomed by the house person (which can cause a real lasting and meaningful bond), or Saturn’s energy may feel like an albatross around the house person’s neck. Even if the house person ends up feeling this way, there will still usually be a “sticking and staying power” with this relationship. There could even be a karmic component to this relationship, in terms of the house person really needing to learn these lessons from the Saturn person in this lifetime (or needing to pay back a debt of some kind in these areas of life).

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 8th House: The placement of Saturn falling in your partner’s 8th house can be a difficult one to deal with in synastry (and made even more difficult depending on other aspects). Saturn here is trying to teach the house person how to be more responsible in matters regarding things like shared assets (especially if this is a romantic relationship). Saturn is also trying to teach the house person about letting go (since the 8th house rules over this domain); Saturn kind of tries to clean house here (much like during a Saturn Return), trying to rid the house person of things that no longer serve them. This energy and letting go can be uncomfortable for the house person, especially if they aren’t ready to let these things go. The Saturn person could stir up fears within the house person that they’d rather not face or deal with. Depending on the other synastry aspects, the house person may allow the Saturn energy to do it’s business here, or may fight it tooth and nail.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 9th House: The placement of Saturn here can cause the house person to end up feeling restricted in some way in terms of what they believe and how they expand their horizons (both physically and mentally). Saturn isn’t trying to restrict really, but teach the house person a different (and probably what it feels is a more logical, responsible, and practical) way of thinking about these 9th house matters….though it may feel very stifling to the 9th house person. Depending on other aspects, it could play out where the 9th house person tries to help the Saturn person not be so restrictive in these areas of life. Or it could play out where you both fuse the 9th House and Saturn energies beautifully, coming up with your own unique take on things.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 10th House: Considering there are no major afflictions in the synastry chart, the placement of Saturn here in the other person’s 10th house can be a real powerhouse combination when dealing with matters in the more public spheres of life. The Saturn person can work as a real practical, persevering, and anchoring force behind helping the 10th house person to acheive what they want in their career, in their social standing, and with their public image. This placement could indicate people that work together in some capacity, or if they are in a romantic relationship, definitely have the capacity to work well with one another. If there are some “harsher” aspects between you two in other areas of the synastry chart (or to this house/to Saturn), Saturn falling in your partner’s 10th house can indicate the two of you competing/being rivals of some kind, and causing the house person to work even harder for what they want. Thus, the lesson Saturn here teaches is all about hard work and achievement.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 11th House: The lesson that Saturn tends to teach here has to do with caution in group situations and being “choosy” about who one lets into their circle. Saturn falling in your partner’s 11th house can make the house person more aware and “picky” of who they allow into their friend orbit, causing them to express a certain caution they might not otherwise. It could also lead to some kind of restriction in regards to friends, such as the house person feeling like they can’t be around their friends, or can’t even have friends period (though this would be the most extreme form of this synastry aspect). This may not be a negative thing though, depending on the sorts of influences and friends in the house person’s life. It can also show a deep and committed friendship between the Saturn person and the house person. Like everything though, it all depends on other aspects in the synastry chart as to how this will play out.

Your Saturn falling in your partner’s 12th House: Saturn falling in your partner’s 12th house can be the ultimate teacher in terms of pulling things from the house person’s psyche/unconscious and into the physical reality. If there are no major 12th house/Saturn afflictions in the synastry chart, this could profoundly benefit the 12th house person (though it may not always feel comfortable). If the 12th house/Saturn are afflicted in the synastry chart, the Saturn person may have more depressive effect on the unconscious mind of 12th house person (such as the 12th house person feels kind of “down” when around the Saturn person, but they can’t really pinpoint why). Personally, I feel like this is a very karmic aspect to have with someone, since Saturn is naturally quite karmic, as is the 12th House. My guess would be that the two of you have some unfinished business of sorts, and depending on other aspects you would be able to tell if that unfinished business will be of the easy or hard variety.

You can find my synopsis for Houses 1-6 here:https://saturnseason.com/2019/02/13/saturn-in-house-overlays-or-i-have-a-lesson-for-you-bitch-houses-1-6/

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  1. Meu saturno cai na casa 3 da pessoa, não sou uma pessoa que corrige o outro , e não tenho costume de interromper a fala das pessoas, queria saber mais a fundo como isso funcionaria.
    A casa 3 é a casa dos irmãos, tendo saturno aqui não indicaria ter problemas com os irmãos da pessoa?

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